Tico Solana
General Manager
View from the Top

Knowledge, Experience Underpin Pipe Supplier's Success

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 18:36

Q: What type of coverage do your products and services have in the oil and gas sector?

A: We are providers of pipes, valves and accessories primarily made of steel. In Mexico our main markets are in the oil and gas and energy industries. We cater to clients in both the public and private sectors from various industries, such as in infrastructure operators and constructors and auto makers. Our business covers the upstream, midstream and downstream segments, as we sell pipes for offshore and onshore use. We are working on projects in onshore and offshore distribution. In the past year, we also have provided platforms for extraction, production and compression. Among our other segment targets are pipelines, hydrocarbon storage plants and transportation.

Q: What added value do you deliver to your clients in Mexico?

A: As a company, we have almost 60 years of experience in the global sector. We have a very strong knowledge of the market and expertise in various fields. We value our customers and cater to their needs by providing them with the best quality, logistics and customer support. The company takes great care when delivering material, ensuring secure transportation through strict handling procedures in all the countries we work in. In Mexico, in particular, we can offer the product in DDP (delivered duty paid) condition. We also have strong experience with customs procedures and automatic notifications. Although most of the materials we market in Mexico come from abroad, we also buy to a certain degree from Mexican producers of pipes, valves and accessories, which lowers costs substantially. We are consolidators of materials so that our clients can focus on their business and not have to worry about a variety of suppliers and purchase orders.

Q: What logistics challenges have you had to overcome when consolidating these types of materials in Mexico?

A: This is a global challenge for the company. We are operating in regions that have lower levels of development than Mexico, such as Africa, the Middle East and Asia. We have been in Mexico for 23 years now and the experience has been favorable; we have developed a great deal of experience and a successful track record dealing with the country’s circumstances regarding logistics and customs.

Q: What advantages do your products offer regarding maintenance?

A: The maintenance issue is directly proportional to the quality of the product. We have a very wide range of products that cater to our client’s needs. We offer the product the client wants to purchase. In most cases, engineering is what defines quality and our products deliver the highest standards of engineering.

Q: Which projects do you think will symbolize the industry’s upturn?

A: The refinery at Dos Bocas is a strategic project for the oil and gas industry. In the energy industry, it is important to develop private sector projects, as well as power generation projects managed by CFE. These projects will make the market much more dynamic.

Q: How are you preparing to tackle the construction of Dos Bocas and other refinery projects?

A: Our goal is to participate in Dos Bocas and other projects directly and indirectly through operators or constructors. We are confident that we can work together, since we have years of experience and we are looking with confidence towards 2020. This year has been the most difficult of the last few because of the change in government and the slowdown in industrial activity. However, in the last few months we have witnessed a major recovery under way. The coming year and the year after will be very good years for the sector. As for us, we intend to keep on doing business with our Spanish, French, English and Mexican clients.


Grupo Cuñado México (CUMEX) is a supplier of pipes, valves and related accessories based in Mexico. In Mexico, its main sectors are oil and gas and energy. Its operations focus on selling as it does not manufacture materials.