Mauricio Cuéllar
Former Partner of Energy and Infrastructure
BGBG Abogados
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Legal Expertise at the Heart of the Industry

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 17:37

Q: What were BGBG’s standout projects of the last few years?

A: Among the many contracts in which we have been involved was the migration of several gas stations from PEMEX to private brands. International brands in the country’s retail sector are introducing a higher level of competence in retail services. The firm has worked more closely with government offices involved in legislation for this sector and has provided recommendations to CRE, SENER and PEMEX, to explain the challenges that these companies have witnessed during the migration process.

BGBG also participated in the Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) farmouts and CIEPs contract discussions that took place prior to the arrival of the new government. Although these are on hold for now, we hope that these themes are considered again in the future. This is the first time that Mexico, via PEMEX, SENER and CNH, has been involved in implementing an Energy Reform so by sharing these best practices and participating in JOAs, BGBG was able to benefit these key players and the industry at large. 

Q: How could regulatory frameworks or contracts be incentivized to meet the new administration’s aim of doubling oil production by 2024?

A: The newness of the Energy Reform means that lawmakers are still learning and streamlining regulations to make the industry more efficient. With the change in government, the challenge is to continue to implement the changes of the Reform and for authorities to continue learning at the same speed. Constitutional, legal tools and contractual models need to be implemented properly to be fully understood and then simplified so that they can be easily applied to private operators and PEMEX alike.