Alberto Medina Abimerhi
Director General
Gente Estratégica

Local HR and Training Solutions

Wed, 01/25/2012 - 13:53

“The most important aspect of working on a rig or working in the oil industry is safety, occupational health, and maintenance of the environment through drilling and exploring for resources in a sustainable manner,” says Alberto Medina Abimerhi, Director General of Gente Estratégica. “Over time, we have acquired the knowledge that allows us to train people in all aspects of safety and environmental protection. We also handle the hiring of human resources that other companies need, and make sure that they have proven experience and a work philosophy that is in agreement with what the oil industry needs.”

Gente Estratégica was established to train and certify workers in the oil and gas industry, based at its headquarters in Ciudad del Carmen. “This company was designed for the environment of Ciudad del Carmen,” says Medina Abimerhi. “We have taken steps to build our business here to  ensure that the people who pass through our classrooms and receive our certifications go on to become strategic personnel within the organizations of which they form a part.

“When we certify and train personnel, they are certified according to Mexican standards, but these certifications are also valid internationally. Last year, we created competence standards for personnel offering hotel and catering services to Pemex. Currently, we are opening an evaluation centre here in Ciudad del Carmen with an industrial kitchen that is an exact copy of a kitchen on a rig, which allows us to evaluate and certify that a cook working on the rig really has the necessary experience and understands the required work and safety specifications.”

Medina Abimerhi goes on to explain why such certification and training companies are needed in Mexico: “All Pemex contracts come with an annex relating to security, occupational health, environmental maintenance, and the parameters surrounding these things. We are the experts in handling that annex and in helping contractors that have difficulties in complying with the requirements laid down by Pemex. As well as certifying and training the contractor’s employees, we are also capable of putting together a pre-certified and qualified team should the contractor require.”