Lozoya Exempt From Agronitrogenados Case
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Lozoya Exempt From Agronitrogenados Case

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Perla Velasco By Perla Velasco | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 09/04/2023 - 08:55

A judge suspended the case against former PEMEX director, Emilio Lozoya, regarding the agronitrogenados case. Lozoya is still detained for the Odebrecht corruption case, however. The former was accused of having received a US$3.4 million bribe from Alonso Ancira, then owner of the Altos Hornos de México (AHMSA) plant, for PEMEX to buy the plant. The plant was valued at around US$58 million and had been inactive for over a decade, but the NOC bought it at US$275 million.

The Mexican government asked Lozoya for US$30 million as compensation in this case, rejecting previous agreements sent by Lozoya’s lawyers. In 2019, Ancira was arrested and charged with corruption related to his alleged involvement with Lozoya. Judge Gerardo Genaro Alarcón determined that the agreement reached with Anchira, in which he had to pay US$216 million in compensation, also covers Lozoya’s involvement, freeing him from the accusation and from paying another fine.

“This Collegiate Circuit Court determines that, in reparatory agreements, as an alternative to criminal proceedings, when there is a plurality of defendants in relation to the same criminal act, celebration and compliance by any of them benefits those who did not agree to them, as the extinction of the criminal action favors everyone, having satisfied the particular interest of the victim or offended party through the criminal route," reads Judge Gerardo Genaro Alarcón López’s verdict.

Lozoya's attorney presented a defense argument based on a thesis published in the Judicial Weekly of the Federal Judiciary. This thesis contends that when a defendant agrees to compensate for the damages, it can benefit other individuals involved, potentially leading to the suspension of the ongoing legal proceedings. PEMEX's legal team requested assurance from the judge regarding the payment, as the NOC contended that the accused individuals had not yet settled the total amount of the fine. PEMEX’s CEO, however, stated that there are more resources available to make Lozoya pay for this case.

Photo by:   innu_asha84, Envato Elements

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