Adrian Rodríguez-Montfort
Country Manager Mexico
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Making Sure Things Happen

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 19:20

Q: What unique added value does Brunel bring to the Mexican oil and gas industry?

A: We are the only recruitment company in the market that focuses on finding very particular and highly-specialized personnel. We have worked in almost every continent with plenty of industries that require highly trained staff, such as automotive and life sciences. This allows us to bring those wide, diverse and well-rounded experiences into the oil and gas operations in Mexico.

Q: What makes Brunel’s human capital recruitment services different from those of its competitors?

A: When working with a client, we do not simply ask them for a job description and provide them with potential candidates. For example, we know that an upstream contract will go through several phases, the first usually starting with seismic interpreters and subsequent phases requiring personnel capable of performing drilling activities, then operation of the production facilities. Each of these phases has typical durations and specific human capital requirements. Knowing this and having gone through these processes several times gives us the leverage to advise the client on the best way to fill all the positions inherent to the jobs that will be created, the contractual terms and even to administrate the payrolls for each operation. For example, it is better to have a document controller or compliance officer enrolled in the company, as those are positions with greater responsibility and they take a longer time to understand while the operators of the drilling equipment can be on an external payroll due to the shorter duration of their contracts. Few agencies are capable of, or even willing to, take the time to perform these tailored solutions.

Q: How do requirements change between the different players to which Brunel offers services in the oil and gas industry?

A: Differences are usually quite tangible. Operators have the license for the field, which means that they have to perform administrative tasks that involve being legally compliant with regulators. They will require mostly C-level and managerial staff with plenty of experience working in Mexico who fully understand the supply chain and all of the regulation related to the life cycle of the project. Service companies are in charge of the technical operations and on-field execution of the project and work directly with the supply chain, which means they require highly-technical personnel with strong experience in using cutting-edge technologies as well as experience working in Mexico’s fields or with local procurement. Having such a strong knowledge about how requirements may differ allows us to answer the basic questions and tailor recruitment to the specifics of each client, allowing us to offer the most optimal solution.

Q: What project best showcases Brunel’s capabilities in the Mexican oil and gas industry?

A: One specific project in which we worked recently involved very specific and highly-specialized human capital requirements. Due to the operations that would take place, the personnel with the capacity and certifications to perform the job were scattered throughout Mexico. Then, after finally selecting the team to perform the job, a new hurdle appeared as all flights to Matamoros, from where the helicopter would take the team to the drilling vessel, were canceled. To solve this issue, we transported the team to Brownsville, and from there we transported them to the drilling vessel on time for them to start their activities.

Q: How would you rate the national content regulation in Mexico?

A: Regulators in Mexico did very well in understanding the success and failures of other countries and recognizing that for an industry to open and prosper it has to bring in some highly-specialized workers. It also ensures that activities that have been taking place here for a long time are sourced from inside the country. The lack of national human capital in some cases is not due to failures in the market but to the intrinsic conditions of its development that have to be recognized.

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