Francisco Caycedo
Regional Director Latin America
Cayros Group
View from the Top

Market-Driven Solutions for Field Development

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 15:13

Q: What is the basis of Cayros Group’s success?

A: Initially, there were two different companies, Cayros Solutions and Cayros Software, the former offered consultancy services and the latter provided technology development. We decided it was better to merge these two divisions and create a single company, which is how Cayros Group was born. This integration allows the divisions to have closer interactions and to learn from each other. As Cayros Solutions uses commercially available software for its consultancy services, it finds potential areas for Cayros Software to develop applications or plug-ins to improve its workflows and be more efficient. As these tools are created based on market demand, they allow Cayros Solutions to work better. In fact, everything we do is based on a market pull, instead of more traditional approaches by other companies that are technology-driven.

Q: What tool are you most excited to introduce into the Mexican market?

A: We offer a tool called C-Fields© that was developed specifically for the Mexican market. This product was born thanks to several projects on which we worked previously, which we found were taking too long to develop due to their multi-disciplinary approach that required consolidation and analysis of a great deal of information from several departments. To solve this issue, we decided to create a platform capable of integrating information and interacting with several departments. This platform can integrate data from G&G, reservoir engineering, drilling, production and surface facilities to quantify the risk and economic value of oil fields under different development or optimization scenarios. Basically, our platform helps operators to consolidate and present information in the best way possible so they can make informed decisions while saving time and money. Of course, C-Fields© does not substitute the specialized software used by each division inside a company but integrates the information, making it even stronger. This technology has already been used and proven in over 40 fields in Mexico.

Q: What challenges have emerged when developing and testing the C-Fields© solution?

A: There were several challenges. For example, the constant changes in the fiscal regime that were put in place during CNH’s licensing rounds. To deal with this issue, we created a platform flexible enough to allow us to easily incorporate changes. Also, when changing information to create a proper analysis there are many internal and external factors that have to be considered. Having carried out this process on a case-by-case basis in many fields, we have the experience to implement the required changes to always find and offer the best solution. All in all, I have to say that we are going through a constant learning process, which pushes us to become a better solutions provider for the industry. We are never tired of learning and adapting these lessons and newer concepts into our technologies. At the moment, we are working with machine learning and cloud service concepts, all with the objective of doing a better job.

Q: What makes Cayros Group a unique company in the Mexican market?

A: Cayros Group bases its strengths on its people, who are world-class engineers with over 20 years of global experience in the oil and gas industry, as well as with a strong background in Mexico. Our teams have a mixture of backgrounds and knowledge that ensure the best solutions are always provided. Cayros Group has signed several collaboration agreements with national and international companies. We are now looking to offer our solutions and experience to the operators that are venturing into the Mexican market. The response has been great, as several are interested and want to test our solutions at their fields. I am a true believer in the potential of our services and technologies and in the benefits that they can provide to the Mexican oil and gas industry. We want to become the reference company for field development planning on the national and, hopefully, international level.


Cayros Group is an independent firm specialized in services and technical support for the oil and gas exploration and production industry. It focuses on field development planning and optimization, exploration and reservoir characterization.