Roger González
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Mexican-made Components for the National Industry

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 19:31

Q: Where along the oil and gas value chain does MARAT have the most presence?

A: Most of our activity is within the downstream sector, so our largest clients are from the refining and petrochemicals segments. The Mexican oil and gas sector has been rather slow lately. In the last few years, PEMEX has not tendered any large contracts. We are not an engineering services firm, we are in the market to supply industrial equipment like automated valves and instrumentation to PEMEX.

Q: How does MARAT adapt its business strategy to fit the Mexican market’s cycles?

A: Traditionally, PEMEX represented 40 percent of our business and other private companies represented the rest. We are looking to penetrate new markets that we did not have access to in the past, such as compressors and electric heaters. When activity slowed down in the oil and gas industry, we diversified into new customers and industries. We were able to maintain our position in the market because we diversified our portfolio.

Q: What are MARAT’s greatest differentiators and what projects is it looking for in the short term?

A: We have been in the Mexican market for more than 31 years and our service and quality products differentiate us from our competitors. We also have a team of technicians that provides our clients with all the necessary technical support for our products. Most of the brands that we represent have an international presence. Our compressors and electric heaters are also designed for highly dangerous operations and areas and they all comply with international standards. In the oil and gas sector, the main project will be the Dos Bocas refinery. It will be the biggest investment made in the next few years. There will also be a great deal of investment in the improvement of existing refineries. We want to work on these projects.