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Mexican Player Committed to Supporting PEMEX

By MBN Staff | Mon, 07/27/2020 - 13:07

Q: Which clients or services demonstrate the breadth of Geoil Company's portfolio in Mexico?
A: Geoil Company was born in 2016 with the purpose of fulfilling the needs and expectations of the energy sector in order to minimize operational errors, reduce time and costs, maximize profitability and achieve to be a disciplined, competitive and sustainable work group. We develop consulting and training within the energy sector, in addition to integral quality services.

One of our main clients is PEMEX. The main services we provide them are reservoir characterization studies, integrated studies of mature fields and well productivity studies. Geoil Company will develop integrated drilling services in synergy with different operators in the energy sector, which have fields assigned during the different rounds in Mexico, for the development of reservoirs of the country. We are currently providing geological monitoring services and hydrocarbon registration services (mudlogging) in the Ixachi field for Halliburton and Geolog de México.


Q: What are Geoil Company’s most popular services within the oil and gas sector?
A: We are specialists in reservoir characterization and geological monitoring during oil wells drilling. As we already know, CNH provides information of the fields tendered in Mexico, however, there are fields that due to lack of information, require further reservoir characterization studies in order to reduce uncertainty when developing drilling activities. Geoil Company adds value to the studies, offering the client the confidence to develop the reservoir.

Geoil Company is integrated by a high-performance qualified team capable of generating reliable technical solutions that significantly impact the generation of value for our clients.


Q: How has the company approached the challenges presented by COVID-19?

A: We are aware that currently the pandemic issue has affected the business economy, not only at a regional level but also throughout the world. For the oil and gas business line, we are looking for ways to reduce the long-term financial impact, offering our clients financial solutions that directly impact their development services.

Currently, Geoil Company has an advantage over its competitors, as it has strategic synergies that financially support the integrated drilling services of the companies. We know that private companies have a limited period of time to develop their fields, and that many of them are currently financially affected to develop such services. Geoil Company offers payment solutions to develop drilling services of the fields assigned in the different rounds. Supporting private companies through financial backing of our strategic synergies.


Q: Could there be more opportunities for Geoil Company on PEMEX’s upcoming priority field developments? A: We believe so. PEMEX is our main client but the NOC is going through many changes and we know that economically it is not doing well. Nevertheless, we know that it is the main hydrocarbon producer in the country, so we envision that its economy will be restored in the future and that it can continue developing and producing the different fields that are in the country. For this reason, Geoil Company will continue offering its services, fully supporting them.


Q: What are the opportunities and challenges for Geoil Company over the next 12 months? A: We have several goals that we hope to achieve. First, we want to consolidate the comprehensive services we offer and develop them through our strategic synergies. Second, we look forward to achieve the trust of our customers through the different provided services, to continue adding value to companies in the energy sector.


Geoil Company is a Mexican firm with international backing that provides geophysical solutions to players in the Mexican market. The company delivers reservoir characterization and can execute the drilling and completion of oil wells

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