Artemio Hernández
Director General
RNB Corp.
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Mexican Supplier Expanding in the Retail Sector

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 20:27

Q: What is the main added value that RNB provides to its clients?

A: We do not just sell equipment to a client. We do a complete installation of gas pumps, inventory control and leak detection. We also do both the electrical and hydraulic installations. Apart from installing physical infrastructure, we also train the personnel that will be using the equipment on a daily basis. When the gas station is in operation, we offer preventive and corrective solutions.

Q: How has the Mexican market for gas stations evolved in the last few years?

A: There are very few gas stations constructed completely by international companies. What foreign companies have done is label Mexican gas stations as their own. We can equip gas stations from scratch, and even though we do not do any civil work, we do provide all the equipment and consult with the construction company doing the work. At the moment, 90 percent of the gas stations in Mexico are owned by Mexicans and the remaining 10 percent by international companies. Therefore, most of the negotiations we do are with Mexicans. But we are starting to see a change.

Q: What has RNB integrated into its equipment and service to make gas stations more efficient?

A: When it comes to digitalization of payments, our equipment is prepared for different options, but these things are not being done in Mexico yet. Direct payment at the pump, for instance, is integrated into all our equipment but is not normal in Mexico. There needs to be an agreement between the client, the banks and the gasoline stations to fully use the potential of the pumps. All our technicians are certified to carry out the specialized tasks required during the installment or maintenance of our equipment.