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Mexico Continues to Offer Opportunities: Bonatti

Gustavo Blejer - Bonatti
Managing Director Americas


Karin Dilge By Karin Dilge | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 02/10/2023 - 09:52

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Q: How is Bonatti participating in high-profile natural gas projects in Mexico? 

A: We were a key player in the growth of Mexico’s natural gas industry, specifically regarding the pipeline network. Now, we are exploring opportunities to connect with export facilities and service the power plants that CFE is constructing, most of which are gas-fired combined cycle projects. Bonatti aims to continue participating in the market as a key player in enabling the continuous growth of Mexico’s pipeline network. 

Q: What project does Bonatti have on its agenda to develop liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure in Mexico?

A: Bonatti pursues every project that might transport natural gas to any of the LNG export facilities Mexico is considering to develop. The company is mostly active in the construction of infrastructure for gas transportation rather than working on the LNG export facilities themselves. For Bonatti, it is key to start collaborating with these projects at an early development stage. This allows the company to increase the magnitude of its contribution to its clients.

Q: The company has said it wants to start operations in Mexico’s southeast. How is this expansion going?
A: Some of the projects planned in the southeast have been greenlighted and the company is closely involved in these developments, while some other projects are stalled. Nevertheless, we want to establish ourselves as an essential player in the first stretch of the construction of such pipelines. These are the first large natural gas pipeline systems that Mexico will build in the southeast in almost 30 years. Bonatti seeks to strengthen its local experience in the region.

Q: What are the tenets of Bonatti’s sustainability efforts to reduce its environmental impact? 

A: We started our Green Systems business unit in 2021 and its activities have increased steadily. The expertise gained over the years by Bonatti and its subsidiary Carlo Gavazzi Impianti, specialized in power gen and E&I projects, empowers our group to supply EPC know-how to power plants, including renewable energy projects. The latest green-energy projects we acquired are mostly in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Bonatti is pursuing opportunities to develop environmentally-minded projects across its whole geography. In the Americas the most advanced projects are located in Canada and Chile. The company is pursuing participation the fields of green hydrogen, green ammonia and methanol, among other technologies.

In Chile, we are participating in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects and recently we awarded a water transportation project. This meant ending our reliance on inshore water and harnessing ocean water obtained through desalination. The technology enables countries to utilize valuable resources like drinking water for human consumption and for the agricultural industry. Such projects could be beneficial for Mexico as its northeastern region suffers from severe droughts.

In Mexico, we would like to see more dynamism in the green energy sector akin to the European and South American markets. The country is lagging behind the progress of these regions. However, we would like to be one of the first players in this area once environment-focused projects start to gain steam once again.

Q: How have green hydrogen and greenfield projects grown globally and what opportunities does Bonatti perceive in the Mexican environment? 

A: Bonatti believes that these projects are the way to go for every company that wants to stay ahead of the construction industry’s curve. In Europe, these projects were accelerated after the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, along with the growing global consciousness regarding sustainability. 

We can bring these projects to the Americas, especially to Chile. Unfortunately, Mexico is trailing these regions. Bonatti is also closely looking at the conversion of gas pipelines onto hydrogen transportation systems, and the development of projects involving other sources of renewable energy. 

Q: What opportunities does Bonatti see in the development of projects for the downstream sector after the completion of the Olmeca Refinery in Dos Bocas? 

A: Dos Bocas will boost Mexico’s refining capacity greatly. However, we do not see this as the driver for growth in our sector as the expansion will mainly reach the retail industry. We would love to see these refined products being transported through the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly way: pipelines. However, in Mexico, security concerns still prevail over other considerations when it comes to the transportation of refined products, and this issue must be addressed before the development of more liquids pipelines can move forward. 

Q: What were the milestones Bonatti achieved in 2022 and what are the next goals it is pursuing in 2023? 

A: We completed a hydrocarbon storage terminal in Topolobampo. We also got involved in the Rosarito gas pipeline expansion, meant to serve the Energía Costa Azul LNG export facility. This facility already exists but it is being transformed from an import to an export facility. 

We also obtained an EPC contract in Chile from the most important private group in the mining industry for the development of the facilities required to transport seawater to the mine play. The company also increased its engineering capacity, enlarging its footprint in the water transportation sector.

We expect to see many of the projects that are still in the design stage to go to implementation in 2023 and 2024. We also want to bring our experience and wide range of skills to non-traditional sectors for the company. Bonatti aims to continue transforming while servicing existing and new clients with the same spirit of collaboration, adaptability and passion for project execution following its One-Team-Approach philosophy.


Bonatti is an Italian EPC contractor for the energy industry. It provides EPC for pipeline and plant projects, as well as O&M services. Bonatti arrived in Mexico in 2012 and has participated in the construction of several pipelines, CS, MS and storage terminals.

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