Mexico Joins Invensy's Global Engineering Network

Wed, 01/25/2012 - 10:53

“It is a great challenge to provide long term technologybased safety and security solutions to state-owned companies,” says Matías Adam, Invensys’ Managing Director for Mexico and Central America and Business Operation & Planning Director for Latin America. “In Latin America, it is a particular challenge, as companies are generally less risk-averse than in other countries. In Pemex, the political nature of the company hinders longterm planning. Therefore, part of our supportive focus is to provide in the short-term, and to argue the case for implementing lasting strategies for a long-term plan that increases effciency and profitability, besides improving information and decision-making.”

Adam points out that Invensys has invested heavily in the potential of the region. As well as running an operation in Mexico with over 3,500 employees and large manufacturing facilities in the country, Invensys has recently opened an engineering excellence centre in the Mexican city of San Luís Potosí. The mission of the engineering excellence centres (EEC) organization is to build a “high value global engineering network for Invensys Operations Management, providing global standardization, unparalleled effciency and highly unified quality of outcomes and capabilities at the lowest possible competitive cost.”

The EEC is a global organization providing project management, lead engineering, application engineering, design, FAT, SAT and field services for all Invensys’ operations management regional offces and customers in six continents. Proficient in I/A Series DCS, Triconex, InFusion, TMC, SCADA, OTS, OPC, and also the organization supports all industries from the oil & gas, power, nuclear, mining and metals sectors, to pulp and paper and many others. Adam hopes that Invensys will work hand in hand with Pemex and the Mexican government as it embarks on an ambitious development programme in the oil and gas sector in the years to come, from preparing for shale gas development, to solving transportation challenges, moving to deepwater exploration and production and modernizing its refinery infrastructure. Adam says that the safety and security solutions the company provides are directly applicable to many of these development areas, and sees a good opportunity to grow the business in Mexico as a result.

Safety and control, advanced application solutions, and instrumentation are at the core of Invensys’ offering to the oil and gas industry, and in Mexico the company has installed more than 200 control systems, 100 SIL3 Triconex systems and a large SCADA at Burgos region. Adam says that Invensys’ unique selling point is its continuous innovation and easy to use Wonderware InTouch and ArchestrA System Platform software products for use in HMI, supervisory and SCADA applications. Adam points out that Invensys has achieved the market share leading position as a global provider of human machine interface (HMI) software and services according to a recent ARC Advisory Group market study.

Adam hopes that one key area of opportunity for Invensys in Mexico will be shale gas. The company has a safety and control solution that has been well tested in the US, which Invensys believes could be very suitable as Pemex starts to develop its shale gas resources. Adam says that in addition, he hopes to see an increase in the uptake of Invensys solutions in order to improve safety at oil production projects. “Our solutions give our customers the chance to improve personnel and systems safety, while reducing emissions and costs, and reducing insurance premiums. These advantages are in addition to the production benefits a company will see as a result of adopting these systems.”