Juan Castañeda
Vice President
Halliburton Mexico

Mexico's Place in the Halliburton Family

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 11:12

With a breadth of activities and a portfolio that spans the breadth of the sector, from deepwater, to mature fields, and unconventional resources, Halliburton has a presence in six of the seven continents of the world. Regardless, according to Juan Castañeda, the company’s Vice President of Mexico, the country is one of the most significant markets for Halliburton worldwide. “The Halliburton Mexico team and its continuous focus on safety, value-driven solutions, performance and providing a lower cost per barrel for our customers is positioning Mexico for long-term growth,” he asserts.

He shares that, since 2013, Halliburton Mexico has had a differentiated structure compared to other traditional markets, which is more focused on the wide span of local operational necessities and tailored to provide the support necessary to the on-going activities of Halliburton customers in Mexico, as well as to CNH, and supporting the process of Energy Reform. “Such early engagement with core stakeholders and new players has allowed us to support our customers through the decision making process with a dynamic and rapid response team in place,” Castañeda explains. Since Halliburton has had a long-term presence and investment in Mexico, it has been able to create an infrastructure and a resource capacity to support the geographical and technical diversity of its customers’ assets and operations. The company has implemented a Journey to ZERO program, wherein it strives to eliminate safety incidents, environmental incidents, and nonproductive time. “We have implemented a strong cultural value proposition with our Journey to ZERO, improving our performance on key metrics, which help generate additional savings in terms of overall cost per barrel.” To demonstrate this, Halliburton’s business in Mexico is American Petroleum Institute (API) Q2 certified for service quality in upstream operations.

Halliburton has had a preponderant role in Mexico’s oil and gas industry for years, and Castañeda believes the company has had a hand in shaping the industry, given its strong long-term relationship with PEMEX, which has in turn enabled the creation of new technologies, processes, business models, fully integrated projects, and sustainable solutions. “Since the introduction of the Halliburton 221, the first stimulation boat in Mexican waters 37 years ago, the development of solutions has evolved through a great number of wellbore and reservoir technologies for drilling, logging, fracking, and pumping, as well as the engineering and construction of high-performance, high tier drilling rigs currently deployed and drilling the deep HPHT wells in the south region of Mexico,” Castañeda claims. These, according to the Vice President, are creating groundbreaking results for well construction and operations. True to form, Halliburton has implemented innovations across all sectors of the oil and gas industry, and has deployed cost saving initiatives in deepwater, shallow waters, onshore, and unconventional reservoirs.

Castañeda comments that Halliburton is working hard on the development of new solutions to strength these synergies, as the company is continuously working to enable our customers to maximize production from existing reservoirs, while reducing downtime and risk, therefore reducing significantly the cost per barrel. “We are innovators and problem solvers, and our technologies are geared toward addressing specific challenges throughout the oil and gas value chain,” Castañeda says of this diversified strategy. Another significant example of the strong synergy with its customers in Mexico is the shared vision and value of sustainability to its communities, including customers, the Halliburton employee community, the local communities where we work, and the global community.

One of the benefits to emerge from the current environment of capital preservation across the upstream sector has been the ability to facilitate innovation and a deep focus on value in a pronounced effort to reduce CAPEX and OPEX. “The Mexican market is a leader in innovative solutions and we expect to continue to see the establishment of technology deployment, processes, and integrated solutions to reduce capital costs across all projects, while working together with our customers on innovative business models to re-shape and optimize current contractual industry benchmarks,” Castañeda explains. He is confident that Halliburton’s presence remains strong, and shares that the company prides itself on listening to customer concerns and challenges and finding appropriate solutions. “Halliburton’s focus is on generating customer value, and we have structured the organization to support the historical transformation that will lead to a myriad of opportunities in the Mexican market,” the Vice President concludes.