Minimizing Financial Legal and Operational Risk in the New Normal

By Mónica López | Fri, 11/06/2020 - 17:14

You can read our editorial coverage of this panel discussion here.

Mexico Oil & Gas Summit hosted a panel discussion titled “Minimizing Financial, Legal and Operational Risk in the New Normal.” The panel was moderated by Gonzalo Monroy, Managing Director of GMEC. Panelists included Ixchel Castro, Americas Market Lead at Wood Mackenzie, Victor Escalante, CFO at Constructora y Perforadora Latina, David Enríquez, Senior Partner at Goodrich, Riquelme y Asociados and Marco Antonio de la Peña, Partner at Cuatrecasas. Panelists discussed the relative centrality of PEMEX to the question of risk factors surrounding the industry.

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