Model for International Cooperation

Wed, 01/25/2012 - 14:26

One of the companies commonly used as a success story in the Mexican oil and gas industry in terms of its strength of building international partnerships is Grupo Diavaz. Founded in 1973 as a diving company oering maintenance services to the burgeoning oil and gas industry, Grupo Diavaz now operates in many dierent areas, from marine operations and oshore services to exploration and production activities, and the distribution of natural gas. International cooperation through joint ventures with renowned companies such as Sinopec International Petroleum Services Corporation, Teikoku Oil, Petrobras, and Fugro has played an important role in its growth and technological advancement. Eduardo Andrade Iturribarría of Amespac says that: “I see Grupo Diavaz as a company that has gone outside of Mexico to do something, trying to acquire the knowledge necessary to succeed here.” This sentiment is echoed by Domínguez Vargas of the AIPM, who says, “The only company I know that has been very successful in terms of international cooperation is Grupo Diavaz. Diavaz is a Mexican company that has done very well to associate itself with foreign companies and investors.” Domínguez Vargas puts this success down to the fact that the owners of the group have a long history in the Mexican oil and gas industry, and have assembled a team that has correctly identified the technological challenges and niches where Pemex needed to bring in technology from outside Mexico.