Manuel Becerril
Director General
Williams Scotsman

Modular Buildings for Onshore and Offshore

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 11:29

Modular building solutions have become an important part of the operational success of oil and gas activities in remote locations. As a part of Algeco Scotsman, a global modular construction leader, William Scotsman has been providing affordable and durable housing solutions for a variety of applications for over 50 years. Mexico has seen the energy-efficient modular units used by a number of oil and gas companies in 13 locations around the country. In the Veracruz area, William Scotsman buildings are being used by companies such as Weatherford and ICA Fluor throughout, which is a matter of pride for Manuel Becerril, Director General of William Scotsman Mexico. “In 2008, Weatherford needed to begin operations rather quickly and required an administrative building for hundreds of people in Poza Rica in a very short amount of time,” he explains. “We were able to adhere to the time constraints Weatherford imposed, and successfully met their building needs. Similarly, we began working with ICA Fluor, when it required additional office space and the relocation of its existing eight-unit modular office building from Reynosa, Tamaulipas to Poza Rica, Veracruz, in order to support personnel assigned to a project led by PEMEX. Williams Scotsman delivered and installed a 735,885m2 modular office in less than 60 days.” Within one year after the completion of this project, William Scotsman Mexico was awarded additional projects by ICA Fluor including two 11- unit complexes, two triple wide units, and four single modular units for their facilities. “We believe that by consolidating ourselves within the Mexican oil and gas industry, Williams Scotsman will be able to keep on growing,” states Becerril. “The reliability of our units is characterized by complying with high quality standards that are required throughout the world. By operating under building codes that are not required in Mexico, but are necessary in various other countries, such as the ICC or North American Standard Codes, William Scotsman’s can deliver superior structural integrity of the modular units and buildings.”

Safety aside, comfort is always factored into the company’s solutions, says Becerril. He outlines how the firm has taken its clients’ needs in mind, for example including temperature regulated spaces, in order to enhance productivity. “Ranging from administrative office building to remote modular housing, we provide the comforts and amenities workers require to be at their best every day,” he asserts. “Our strategy for projects located in remote areas is well defined and we always consider opening new branches to be as close as possible to our clients. This allows us to deliver our products to them through better availability and in the best conditions attainable.” Williams Scotsman recently introduced into Mexico a new innovative product named Moduflex™. It is a stackable module with up to two or more stories with optimum footprint size, a choice of interchangeable wall panels, prewired columns for electrical connections, a wide choice of building designs, quick and easy onsite installation, and variable internal layouts. The Moduflex™ product line was developed through combined engineering efforts from the firm’s North American and European experts. “William Scotsman is introducing a product into the market that provides a flexible and high-tech solution at affordable prices for companies to take advantage of and maximize their profitability and productivity. Our Moduflex™ product provides its occupants with enhanced amenities since it has an insulated shell that offers a comfortable working environment,” Becerril explains. “As I have already stressed, our clients’ comfort is a priority for Williams Scotsman, so we always make sure to understand their needs and their projects prior to offering them a tailored product that will best fit their requirements.”