Wuilmer Ponte
Executive Director, Latin America
Golfo Energy
View from the Top

Multi-Faceted Consultants Focus on Becoming Operators

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 13:23

Q: How does Golfo Energy’s track record stand out in the oil and gas sector?

A: Golfo Energy is a Mexican consultancy firm specialized in the energy sector, particularly oil and gas. Our main strengths lie in the creation of multidisciplinary teams covering integrated services and training solutions. The company began as a result of the opportunities identified by its sister company, ANZ Education, in the Mexican energy sector. The next step we took as a company was to incorporate recruiting services into our portfolio, such as offering specialized headhunting for top management positions and technical experts for the oil and gas sector. After this, we added another important business line to our firm: oil and gas consulting focused on operational challenges. Before founding Golfo Energy, I headed up Integrated Energy Consulting, a firm dedicated to offering specialized services for E&P activities. This allows Golfo Energy to leverage many years of combined expertise in consulting, training, and oilfield services. We have also established offices in Houston, Mexico City, Villahermosa, and Ciudad del Carmen, as well as Ecuador.

Q: Which of your business lines do you foresee growing the most in Mexico?

A: Our activities related to natural gas are blooming, as our consultants are familiar with different energy markets and a plethora of related technical, regulatory, and administrative activities. Our experts are certified by the American Petroleum Institute in the norms and regulatory framework of natural gas transportation and distribution. We are therefore looking to provide related consulting services to our clients, including training their personnel in matters such as regulations or the design and maintenance of natural gas infrastructure. Moreover, we are looking to participate in the design, construction, and supervision of natural gas infrastructure that will be required for this growing segment. We have already worked in this area in Canada and Colombia, and we are ready to seize the opportunities that will arise in this segment over the next five years in Mexico. At the same time, we will offer consulting services to financial institutions that are looking to become involved in oil and gas projects. Most projects that will come about in the next few years will involve some level of risk, from medium to very high, while also requiring technology and capital. This is why we need to offer our clients the best risk assessment possible as they venture into these projects. Since our consultants have worked on development projects for mature fields in various geological environments, we also plan to offer related services to E&P companies looking to participate in Mexico’s upcoming rounds by providing highly technical consulting to increase recovery factors and deploy new production methods. Our experience in Ecuador has truly been rewarding, as we provided specialized personnel for technical tasks involving mature field operations, as well as providing specialized candidates for key positions such as biostratigraphers or petrophysicists specialized in carbonate environments. Our database has over 1,500 key professionals which can fit very project-specific requirements. As for our integrated services, we cover the entire spectrum of a field’s development, including conceptual design, risk analysis, field development studies, and hand-to-hand implementation guidance.

Q: How will you add more activities to your portfolio as you venture into Mexico?

A: As is evident, Golfo Energy has constantly expanded into different business areas since its inception. Today, the company counts on four solid partners and a group of 25 highly experienced consultants that are ready to take on the Mexican oil and gas industry. Our consulting services will definitely be our most important business line in Mexico throughout 2015, as well as training. Our experts are fully certified and have followed the evolution of Mexico’s Energy Reform while staying abreast of international regulations that could be a good fit for Mexico.

Q: How has Golfo Energy used its link to ANZ Education to boost its training courses?

A: We have already established agreements with Australian research centers and universities to bring their expertise into Mexico through our alliance with ANZ Education. Moreover, we are developing training programs to be implemented in Mexican universities so that students can get hands-on experience in the industry. Mexico also has a great wealth of experienced engineers that could easily be trained to work in the oil and gas industry. Even if they graduated in a different specialization, they could quickly grasp the technical concepts that are required for all oil and gas processes.