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Multidiameter Pipe Sealing Technology



Wed, 01/25/2012 - 13:26

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Multidiameter is a uniquely flexible cable and pipe sealing technology developed by Roxtec, the innovative Swedish company with roots in the shipping industry. With a focus on modular design and easy installation, the sealing system allows for simple maintenance and provides built- in capacity for future modifications, which helps to avoid future problems after the installation of the system to a project. The Multidiameter technology allows the sealing system to adapt to many different cable and pipe sizes in order to provide maximum flexibility both during initial installation, and should on-site sealing be required in the future.

Alfonso Guarneros, Managing Director of Roxtec Mexico, explains that the manufacturing process for Roxtec’s Multidiameter products is still largely concentrated in Sweden, but that there is room in the value chain for expansion. “All the blue rubber components for our products are manufactured in Sweden, and the frames are manufactured in the US and Poland, but everything that comes to Mexico is from Europe,” Guarneros says. “Mexico has fantastic manufacturing facilities, and I would love to see Roxtec manufacturing some of its steel frames here in the future, as a base for both Latin America and the US.

“Because Roxtec’s background is in the shipping industry, one of the company’s core businesses has been providing products for the offshore oil and gas industry. A lot of our work offshore is concentrated on Pemex’s jack-up rigs. Offshore companies demand from our products stringent safety measures, such as fire resistance, water-tightness and gas-tightness. They like our products because they fit all these requirements. Additionally, once the product is installed, it is very easy to seal additional cables with it. This is unique to Roxtec’s products. We say that the future is included with Roxtec’s products, which are modular, and allow for different diameter cable to be added and to be sealed.”

However, as Roxtec Mexico’s Managing Director explains, the company’s focus has not just been limited to the offshore oil and gas industry in Mexico: “We provide our products to a range of onshore facilities, from refineries to gas manufacturing plants. We have a full range of certifications from all kinds of different regulatory agencies, both governmental and non-governmental. For those areas where we are not certified, we are happy and keen to gain the certifications through the testing of our products. As a global company, we have put a lot of effort into focusing and tailoring our services to the onshore oil and gas industry, because it is a huge potential market.

“Just imagine,” continues Guarneros, “everything in the oil and gas industry has to be controlled and automated. Everything requires panels and different gadgets, which all require cables. Everything needs to be routed to a control room or a data centre. This is where our products come into play. Additionally, cables that go inside a refinery or inside a gas manufacturing plant need to be sealed, and some of those cables need to be made explosion-proof. There are many opportunities to grow in this sector.”

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