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Multidisciplinary Legal Experts Strengthen Value Chain

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 14:58

Q: What makes Beristain + Asociados the essential legal partner to the oil and gas industry value chain?

A: Beyond our services, the local value chain has a gaping need for training and upgrading within legal firms so that they can provide integrated legal advisory solutions and, consequently, become effective in business development. For instance, no advisory service in due form can overstep a certification in personal data security law. International or comparative law qualifications in anti-corruption practices must also be integrated. Deep knowledge of civil and trade law, even more so than administrative law in most cases, must gradually permeate legal practices, especially when considering building relationships with both CFE and PEMEX. Training in the Energy Reform chapters, before and after its implementation, is not only a must, but also a continuous process. Beristain + Asociados dedicates half its working hours to training, while we are certified in personal data protection and trained to comply with the National AntiCorruption System.

Q: How does Beristain + Asociados assist its clients to create business under new schemes?

A: As we move forward in the consolidation of the hydrocarbons market, it is a law firm’s obligation not to take anything for granted and to be innovative. Roman law should be the basis of this drive. Multidisciplinary lawyers with diversified knowledge in civil, administrative or criminal law, among others, can provide major solutions to the challenges we face. This capacity can be built through integral studies and continuous training. Mastery of these legal disciplines enables you to draft tailor-made contracts that comply with all regulatory requirements, providing a real added value to our clients.

Q: What are the primary challenges that the upstream sector is facing in Mexico?

A: Mexico’s upstream challenges are not greater than those you encounter worldwide. Some are singular to our country; several others stand better than foreign cases. Our singularity is rooted in security matters, as well as rights of way delimitation and the definition of land security, encompassing public and private property, as well as ejidos.