Naviera Integeral's Leonardo: A New Standard

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 15:40

The newest addition to Naviera Integral’s fleet, LEONARDO is a Damen FCS 5009 with “connected ship” technology. With a trademark design of the axe bow in a striking ocean blue color, LEONARDO comes with all the latest updates to the class. The ship enables the company to continue delivering crews and cargo to offshore installations in the Gulf of Mexico, rapidly yet comfortably and in a wide range of weather conditions.

Both Naviera Integral and Damen have worked together for over two decades. LEONARDO raises the number of Damen vessels flying the Mexican Naviera Integral flag to 24. Both companies are family-owned, sharing the same values and long-term perspective. Naviera Integral, a 100 percent Mexican company, has been serving the oil and gas sector with fast-crew and platform supply vessels, oil tankers and tugboats for over 30 years. All its 38 vessels are wholly-owned and serviced in-house by certified mechanical, electrical, electronical and marine engineers. Naviera can do dry dock maintenance in its own shipyard as well, and possesses exclusive distribution rights for marine lubricants and oil filters. Another new and successful division for the company lies in the tourism sector, where it operates under the name Naveganto. Its designed-forpurpose catamaran is named Itzae. Built in Mexico, Itzae serves tourists both local and foreign in Cancun, as well as the tourism sector’s workers.

President López Obrador traveled on board the Don Benjamin, a Naviera Integral FSV, during his visit to offshore platforms in December 2019. He traveled along with PEMEX Director General Octavio Romero Oropeza and several members of the presidential cabinet. Furthermore, Naviera Integral is at the cutting edge of technological innovation, positively disrupting the marine logistics market, always in support of project efficiency and the effectiveness of operators. LEONARDO is a main contributor to the company’s development.