Hugo Morán
VP & General Manager, Latin America Business Unit
Tesco Corporation
View from the Top

New Generation Technology, Long-Term Experience

Wed, 01/25/2012 - 09:04

Q: How does Tesco intend to apply its experience working with leading oil and gas companies to develop a successful relationship with Pemex? What are the critical success factors in the Mexican drilling market?

A: In the oil and gas industry, where demand for high quality services and technology is a decisive factor, Tesco is in one of its best moments with regards to its business development in Latin America. Our new technological developments allow us to overcome old paradigms of well construction and exploitation of oil reserves. Tesco’s technologies are a key factor for oil companies in the region to reduce their Non-Productive Time (NPT) and ensure ecient access to reserves of hydrocarbons that would not be possible using conventional drilling procedures. In the oil and gas industry, the recovery factors are becoming increasingly small; therefore, it is essential to redefine the integral production processes beginning with the contribution of leading-edge technologies at the well construction level to decrease the investment cost per barrel produced.

Q: What are the main complementarities between Tesco´s technological strengths and operating experience and Pemex’s conventional and unconventional drilling activities?

A: Technological improvements are not only designed to reach reserves of crude oil, but would also relate to the preservation of the reservoir’s quality and properties. One of the advantages that Tesco made available to the industry is casing drilling technology, which allows operators to simultaneously drill and case the well. This reduces drilling costs and at the same time minimizes the risks associated with the well’s geomechanical instability and fluid loss. This innovative technology also oers the possibility to improve casing design, in turn optimizing well construction. Oering this kind of innovative technology is the way in which Tesco provides Pemex an alternative to conventional drilling. Globally, we have seen that the industry has reacted very positively to the use of casing drilling technology.

Using new technology to optimize well construction is becoming a routine in companies such as Ecopetrol, OXY, Perenco, Repsol-YPF, Petronas, Petroboscan (PDVSA-Chevron), Hocol and PDO, and has recently been implemented successfully in Pemex’s oshore operations. We are also working with the technical teams at Pemex’s Chicontepec field for the implementation of a pilot project to evaluate this technology’s contribution.

Q: How does Tesco approach the strategic challenge of optimizing the interaction between technology development, operational excellence, cost eectiveness and safety performance?

A: It is fundamental to consider that three major components have to be analysed to build a well: security, operational eciency/cost and recovery factors. Tesco combines four technologies: top drive, casing running CDS (alternate), casing/liner drilling and cementing tools. These four technologies are aligned with the main components of automated systems that have major security factors, reduce risks in employees being exposed to the operation, allow great operational flexibility, eliminate conventional drilling processes and maximize the quality of carburizing, all at the same time as the well is drilled and cased.

Q: How do the drilling projects with Pemex fit into the future geographic focus and development strategy of Tesco? What contribution does Tesco aspire to make to the long-term development of the Mexican drilling market?

A: One of our main objectives is to keep close to Pemex and continue to be a part of their well construction activities with the technology we can oer as a company. Mexico will continue to be important to us, due to the investments made in recent years, future manufacturing projects, and our regional oce for Latin America in Mexico City. Without a doubt, the Mexican energy market is one of the most important at the global level, and we are ready to develop a strong presence in technology areas, services and manufacturing.