New PPG Comex Division Plays Key Role at Dos Bocas Refinery
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New PPG Comex Division Plays Key Role at Dos Bocas Refinery

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Pedro Alcalá By Pedro Alcalá | Senior Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 03/10/2022 - 13:24

Through the success of its new professional division Pintawil del Bajío, PPG Comex is continuing to expand its role as a key supplier of PMC (Protective & Marine Coatings) products and technologies at the Dos Bocas Refinery. 

“Professional division Pintawil del Bajío was established in 2019 with the goal of obtaining 30 percent of the available industrial market share in Mexico by 2024,” said Feliciano Solís, Director of the company’s professional division. Since its creation, Pintawil del Bajío has followed a path of success, “currently amassing a portfolio of 150 clients, each with distinctive projects across a range of industries,” said Solís. In addition, the company is participating in the Dos Bocas Refinery through a number of its clients. One of these clients is Sisttemex, a Mexican company that manufactures steel towers and structures and is in charge of important sections of the Dos Bocas facilities. 

Another of its clients that is working on the Dos Bocas Refinery is Tecnología Aplicada de Servicios y Suministros (TEASSA), a Mexican construction company based in Queretaro that specializes in building storage tanks that will play a fundamental role in the refinery’s daily operations. These tanks will store amines, fuel, crude oil, feedstocks and water throughout its treatment stages. Pintawil del Bajío is playing an advisory role in the construction process of these tanks, as well as supplying PMC products that will cover the inside and outside surfaces of the tanks.

The tank’s internal surfaces are being covered with NOVAGUARD™ 890, a two-component, solvent-free, amine-cured novolac phenolic epoxy coating. The system works with only one coat, and it is chemically resistant to a wide range of products and solvents, including crude oil at temperatures of up to 120°C (250°F). It is suitable for the storage of unleaded fuels with up to 100 percent of ethanol-mixed content. It is also suitable for the storage of EN14214-standard biodiesel. NOVAGUARD™ 890 significantly reduces fire and explosion risk while also having excellent pit filling capabilities. It has good visibility, thanks to its light color, it is easy to clean and it can be applied by a heavy-duty, single-feed and airless spray equipment. It meets all of the requirements of the EI-1541 2.2 standard for coating systems for aviation, fuel storage tanks and pipes, according to the company. 

The external surfaces of the tanks will be covered first with RP-22, a zinc rich epoxy primer with extraordinary adherence and chemically resistant properties. It meets all the requirements for PEMEX’s NRF 053 2006 standard. This primer will also function as a sacrificial, or galvanic, anode, increasing the steel’s protection and resistance against corrosion. Once this primer is applied on all tanks, a second product can be applied on top of it depending on the tank’s specific use or application. These can include the RA-28 system, for a polyurethane finish, or the RA-35 system, for a polysiloxane finish. These and other possible combinations yield great results when resisting different kinds of corrosive and high humidity environments, such as those found in the coasts of Tabasco, where the refinery is being constructed. The systems are ultimately chosen through a careful and methodical collaboration between client and supplier, reported the company. 

It took Pintawil del Bajío over a year to prove the unique advantages of its products to TEASSA. “It was thanks to the quality of our service that we went from supplying a fraction of TEASSA’s work at Dos Bocas to 100 percent,” said Solís. Pintawil del Bajío aims to increase its development by an additional 30 percent in 2022 through the oil and gas sector, as well as through its significant involvement in the industrial, logistics, automotive and manufacturing sectors in Mexico’s Bajio region. The company is working on the marketing and application of a diverse portfolio of products and solutions that include fire retardants, such as the Pitt-Char and Steelguard product lines, and structural or workshop primers, such as AIP 72 and Xtiren® DG, with companies that include Celaya-based automotive manufacturer Grupo CIE, tire manufacturer Pirelli and retail giant Suburbia. These products are also making their way to other segments of Mexico’s refining infrastructure, such as the recent revamping and modernization of PEMEX’s Ing. Antonio M. Amor refinery, located near the city of Salamanca, Guanajuato.


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