No Deer Park Sale In 2021
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No Deer Park Sale In 2021

Photo by:   SENER
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Thu, 12/16/2021 - 17:45

PEMEX’s purchase of Shell’s Deer Park refinery has been delayed until 2022, despite plans to finalize the acquisition by the end of 2021, according to sources quoted by Forbes. All revisions of the deal from US public authorities were expected to conclude this month, but additional delays made the 2021 deadline impossible to reach. This announcement was confirmed by a Deer Park worker who claims that the refinery’s workforce has been informed of the delay, but neither Shell nor PEMEX have offered an official comment as of yet. 

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National Human Rights Commission Issues “Recommendation” To PEMEX

Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) has issued an official “recommendation” to PEMEX after it determined that the human rights of PEMEX workers were being violated because they were receiving contaminated medicine at the NOC’s Villahermosa hospital, reports Aristegui Noticias. CNDH’s inquiry revealed that between February and March 2020, 69 patients received doses of sodium heparin contaminated with various bacteria. 14 of these patients died as a result of this mistake. CNDH recommended that PEMEX offer material restitution to the victims of this tragedy.    

Head Of PEMEX Investor Relations Quits

PEMEX Investor Relations Leader Lucero Medina has resigned from her position according to sources speaking confidentially to Bloomberg. No replacement has been announced as of yet because the departure has not yet been made public. This follows two weeks after the departure of Alberto Velazquez Garcia as PEMEX CFO. Other recent departures include Vanessa Ramirez, former CFO of Pemex’s trading arm PMI who left in April, Luz Wiley, former director of commercial products at PMI who left in January, and Jose Luis Cardenas Dominguez, the previous director of administration at PMI who resigned in November 2020.

No Fracking: AMLO

Once again shutting down speculation of possible oil and gas projects that will allow for hydraulic fracturing, President López Obrador announced this week that no fracking permits shall be granted in his administration. According to the president, this was part of a wider initiative to stop granting any kind of permit or concession that would damage the environment, which includes the current freeze on new mining concessions. 

Strategic Nature of Dos Bocas Struck Down By Higher Court

President López Obrador’s decree which determined that the major projects of his administration, such as the Dos Bocas refinery, would be categorized as “strategic” and thus not liable to usual transparency requirements, was struck down by a higher court this week. The decision was made after a lawsuit counteracting the decree declared that transparency in matters of public infrastructure projects and investments was a constitutional right of Mexican citizens and taxpayers.

Photo by:   SENER

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