Jim Peden
Projects and Developments Director
View from the Top

One Eye on Offshore, One on Midstream

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 15:35

Q: What was Katoni’s route into the Mexican oil and gas industry and what experience does it bring?

A: Katoni has its roots in providing the oil and gas industry with integrated engineering and design solutions in the UK’s upstream offshore sector. Our services cover new capital projects, brownfield modifications and the management and implementation of major asset outages (TAR). Our capabilities now extend to include onshore facilities. We are also a well-established provider of heli- aviation lighting systems, which form part of our overall service capabilities.

Our journey into the Mexican market began with attending trade shows and, with the support of Scottish Enterprise and the UK’s Department of International Trade, it developed into a planned phase of establishing our base here in Mexico City. Our objective is twofold: one, to offer our experience in mature fields optimization to Mexico’s existing offshore asset base and two, to bring our capabilities, including innovative solutions in asset management and execution, to the midstream sector.

Q: How does Katoni view the opportunities arising in the Mexican market?

A: The Mexican oil and gas sector is well-established, with the existing asset base entering its mature phase. This brings different challenges with it, as well as the obvious need to react to the impact of lower oil prices. In addition, the industry’s reforms have resulted in new entrants looking to develop deepwater opportunities. All of this means the landscape here in Mexico is changing. It is an established but evolving market.

It is important to understand that as in any established market, for any new entrant to succeed it needs to offer something different and be more effective at delivering services. At Katoni, our capabilities and services have a foundation grounded in extensive oilfield experience, coupled with innovative engineering and execution methods supported by relevant technology. These factors give us a compelling narrative, and we believe make us relevant to the Mexican market. It is our competitive advantage.

Q: What is Katoni’s approach to health and safety?

A: Oil and gas operators seek to acquire safe, compliant, efficient and cost-effective services from its supply chain; this applies to PEMEX operations, or operating with new 175 entrants. It is important that as a service provider we offer the very best in value to our clients, whether it be in the North Sea operations or here in the Mexican Gulf. While we recognize and incorporate the specific requirements of the region, our goal remains to consistantly provide the highest standards in QHSE, compliance and diligence to all our clients.

Q: How has Katoni interacted with PEMEX thus far?

A: PEMEX is a highly integrated organization and our initial discussions have focused on the key areas of operational support, production protection and enhancement across its existing asset base. Part of this process provides us with a developing understanding of the organizational structure and the supply chain process. Our discussions to date have been encouraging, and discussions concerning how we can potentially enter the supply chain are ongoing. Our experience in mature asset operations and production enhancements together with innovation and technology and our expertise in large-scale turnarounds are of specific interest.

One of the ways we can demonstrate the benefits of integrated engineering and operational support services to PEMEX is with our system capability. We made significant investment in not only obtaining the highest levels of certification (LRQO) but also coupling this with our integrated engineering processes. What this achieves is a streamlined, integrated process that enables all our staff, engineering and designing in Mexico or reporting and planning in the UK to be fully compliant with our certification and specific regional requirements. This is supported both by Mexico and in the UK by Lloyds Register.