Alejandro Hernández
Director General

‘One of a Kind’ Risk Analysis

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 23:37

Environmental and risk consultancy agency CSIPA has a diverse service portfolio to suit the oil and gas industry, some of which its Director General says are one of a kind in Mexico. “CSIPA is one of the few national companies with the capability of carrying out risk analysis for deepwater projects,” Alejandro Hernández says. As leaders in environmental matters, the company is dedicated to reducing the risks involved in industrial projects, and Hernández believes his firm has a lot to offer Mexico’s opening petroleum market in this respect.

CSIPA displayed its capabilities during its involvement in PEMEX’s Lakach project, the first and only deepwater project carried out in Mexican waters. “At Lakach we worked on risk analysis, environmental impact, change in land use and flora and fauna rescue efforts,” says the executive. CSIPA is one of the few Mexican companies that fully complies with the requisites demanded by PEMEX’s regulatory framework, which positioned it to take advantage of the NOC’s first deepwater venture.

The fact that the project was stopped and restarted by PEMEX posed a challenge for CSIPA and this was exacerbated by the NOC’s drastic changes to its payment terms. But according to Hernández these challenges only strengthened the company’s ability to overcome obstacles. “The payment slowdown forced CSIPA to develop its

financial capabilities so now we are in a much stronger position than before,” he says. Despite the advantages awarded through working with PEMEX, Hernández believes CSIPA can no longer depend on one client especially with the arrival of so many international competitors.

This will be an opportunity the company is fully prepared to take advantage of. “The reality is that CSIPA can win much bigger contracts if it forms alliances that enhance its technological offering,” Hernández says. CSIPA is already forming an alliance with DNV-Lloyd Germanico and drawing on knowledge from Norway and the UK to improve its deepwater capabilities. “Knowledge is not absolute or exclusive and we can create extraordinary combinations through the right strategic alliances,” Hernández says. Their joint research includes risk analysis of accidents like spills, fires and other environmental disasters, which are key matters for oil and gas operators.

CSIPA brings a lot to the table in its partnerships with international heavyweights, Hernández adds. He highlights its compliance with international standards. Referring to Mexico’s new oil and gas players, Hernández feels optimistic about how CSIPA can contribute to the success of their market entry. “New companies always arrive with their own protocols. We help them ‘tropicalize’ to the Mexican way,” he says.