Sara Landon
Executive Director
INERCO Consultoría México
View from the Top

Open Opportunities in Safety, Security

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 17:50

Q: How important is Mexico within INERCO’s global portfolio?

A: Mexico represents a great opportunity for INERCO because it is an interesting market that wants to significantly improve environmental, social, health, security and safety conditions. We have five years of experience in Mexico and around 35 years around the globe and during this time we have done business with important companies like Mapfre. This has allowed us to combine our international experience with local knowledge. We have experts from all over the world, so some parts of the company are on standby, such as energy efficiency and process optimization. For example, in Mexico we are using a very specialized engineering team focused on optimizing processes based in Europe. And also, the company is working on engineering plans for a storage terminal in Mexico, combining local experience and international knowledge.

For the future, we see Mexico as a market with one of the biggest potential developments in Latin America. The changes derived from the Energy Reform have created opportunities in the fossil fuels sector, in areas related to community management, environmental protection, process safety, prevention of occupational hazards and security. We have developed these HSSEC services in Europe over the last 35 years, using the best international practices as guidelines to create adequate and real solutions.

Q: How have you developed a competitive edge?

A: The exchange of experiences and knowledge between the different offices of INERCO through the development of joint projects and the generation of work teams with the best experts, allows us to offer Mexico a wider variety of solutions which are applicable at the local level, based on international application criteria. In this way, we can offer our innovation and forward-looking vision, with which we contribute decisively to the industry by making it safer and more efficient. And of course, being mindful of our planet. The basic principles of industrial safety and environmental protection are applicable to any sector, but the challenge is determining how to adapt them to a particular sector with a specific situation. For example, the oil and gas sector continues to improve continuously and needs competitive solutions every day.

Q: How does INERCO rate the performance of ASEA and SENER in enforcing environmental standards?

A: From the government’s side, there are a lot of challenges regarding the Energy Reform and the legislation changes that are involved, and because of this, it is very important to implement the correct technical expertise to the legal requirements. ASEA was created recently, so it is going through a process of change and growth in all aspects, ranging from its structure to the creation, application and adaptation of the legislation. SENER is going through the same process of adaptation as well, and is redefining its responsibilities and its relationships to the other government entities. For us, ASEA and SENER are key actors with respect to environmental conditions.

Q: How do Mexico’s security risks generate challenges for environmental compliance?

A: The problems surrounding security in some parts of the country pose a challenge for the development of projects, mainly in the oil and gas sector. This is because the industry is based in areas that can be seen as vulnerable as a result of negligence from past administrations that did not comply with former agreements. Therefore, there is great need to define strategies with specialists in community management, joined by a multidisciplinary team that makes clear commitments to these communities, so that projects can operate safely in these areas. Furthermore, INERCO has a lot of experience working with big companies around the world, such as BBVA, in security assessment, so we know how to find solutions to security problems.

INERCO Consultoría México offers engineering of technologies to reduce emissions and improve efficiency. In Mexico, it delivers HSSEC consultancy, focused on safety training, safety assesment and environmental risk management.