Derek Woodhouse
Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow

Partnering for Success

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 18:21

Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow recently associated with CMS Cameron McKenna in Mexico. When asked why, Derek Woodhouse, the firm’s partner, explains that it was because of CMS’s strong expertise in advising several international companies that perform deepwater exploration and production activities. “I cannot see how Mexican firms who have never been involved in this arena can properly advise on these matters. It is an extremely complex industry,” he admits. “When I was working in London for CMS I spent 12 months seconded to BP and worked with its deepwater exploration and production team for Angola, and the most important lesson I learned from that experience is that this is an information intensive industry. Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow believes that it can learn from CMS, increase its abilities in this regard, and appeal to the new deepwater oil and gas industry players. “Because CMS has globally recognized experience and a strong client portfolio, it will only be natural for IOCs willing to enter the Mexican market to request this firm’s advisory services.” Similarly, CMS benefits from its partnership with Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow, as it brings its expertise working in the Mexican market to the table. Woodhouse refers to the association as a “win-win situation”, whereby CMS obtains a presence in Mexico, and Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow increases its ability to advise major oil players that want to establish operations in the country.