Partnership Integral to the Success in Bidding Rounds
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Partnership Integral to the Success in Bidding Rounds

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Julio Ochoa - ICORSA
Director General


Q: How does your expertise in the design and manufacture of auxiliary systems help customers achieve their goals?

A: Our company is organized into three divisions. The first focuses on the design and manufacture of integrated auxiliary systems, offering various solutions to specific SKID assemblies, including measurement and control systems, separation systems, pig traps, chemical-dosing and E-House systems, and air and gas compressor packages. In our second division, we provide technical services, corrective and preventive maintenance, and reliability and risk analyses. We help our customers achieve their optimal maintenance levels and avoid production losses, reducing downtime and increasing profitability. This is achieved when plants are safer and more reliable. The industry understands the importance of maintenance services with the use of reliability and risk methods, but that idea is not yet widespread throughout the country. We also emphasize the importance of planning and management, know the current state of facilities, and properly manage maintenance plans for industrial plants. The third division of the company refers to representations and partnerships, which strengthen our position by giving us the new opportunity to expand and solve problems for our customers holistically. Currently, we hold important relationships with major international companies like Emerson Process Management, PECOFacet, and Peroni Pompe.

ICORSA’s competitive advantages rest on four main pillars. Firstly, we place significant emphasis on our values, which are professional ethics, passion, commitment, respect, innovation, and dedication to our services. Secondly, our highly qualified personnel are an invaluable asset. The third and fourth pillars are our management and control systems, and a strong relationship with our suppliers and commercial partners, respectively.

Q: How do you plan to increase your visibility, and how are your social responsibility policies evolving?

A: In September 2015, we were exhibitors at the Mexico Gas Conference in Villahermosa, and before that, in the Mexican Petroleum Conference in Guadalajara. We are currently working to be a socially responsible company. Our manuals are aligned with ICORSA’s current certifications, including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14000:2004 and OHSAS 18000:2007, which means we comply with environmental and labour standards. We decided to invest in being socially responsible because we work and live in an environment that lacks this focus.

Q: What systems do you provide for activities at sea, and how are you preparing for the potential entry of new players in Round One L-04?

A: We believe we have the ability to deal with the offshore activities phase of the round. We manufacture equipment for offshore activities and work with partners to strengthen our knowledge and product offerings. We have been preparing for this round, adapting our strategy and increasing our chances of alliances. Perry Process Equipment, a US company with over 70 years’ experience in market filtration and separation has produced more than 2,500 separators at its plant in Queretaro. We have also established a partnership with the Italian company Peroni Pompe, which has over 100 years of experience in reciprocating pumps that operate according to API 674 and 675 standards for highly specialized applications. Peroni Pompe is a leading provider of pumps for the market in the North Sea, and we also have a solid partnership with SICK, Instromet, and several German companies specialized in gas measuring systems. We have been working with offshore companies such as Siemens, Demar and Grupo Diavaz. Furthermore, we believe we are well positioned to service companies in the third phase, as our longstanding presence in the market allows us to understand the changes in regulations that have been introduced.

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