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PEMEX Announces New Discovery

Thu, 03/18/2021 - 18:19

PEMEX and the federal government have joined forces and announced a new oil discovery in the state of Tabasco, reports Expansión. The announcement was made today by PEMEX Director Octavio Romero. President López Obrador said he considered this the third major oil discovery of his administration, following discoveries in fields such as Quesqui and Ixachi. The discovery was reported through the onshore well Dzimpana-1 and it is expected to contribute between 500MMboe and 600MMboe to PEMEX’s reserves and production levels. The newly discovered field is located in the areas of Valeriana and Racemosa, potentially resulting in the construction of new infrastructure that would amount to a new oil production complex. 

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PEMEX to Make All Its Contracts Public

Romero announced today that all of PEMEX’s contracts will be made available to the public through a website that will have all of the NOC’s contracts uploaded by April 15, reports Aristegui Noticias. This database, which currently holds all exploration and production contracts, is currently available here. In his statement, Romero said that PEMEX “had nothing to hide” and that the website would eventually also include estimated dates of debt payments. He also announced that the needs of contractors and suppliers will be attended through new platforms that seek to “accelerate payments” and “inhibit bribes.” 

Oil Workers Union Leader Resigns

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that Carlos Romero Deschamps, the former leader of the Petroleum Workers Union (STPRM), had submitted his resignation and was no longer an active employee at the NOC. Romero had been the leader of this union since 1993. It was believed that he had resigned in October 2019 after he was accused of corruption but it was later revealed that he had remained an employee of PEMEX.  

Oil Workers Union Must Remain Democratic: López Obrador

President López Obrador asked the country's oil workers to implement actions that respect union democracy because there are leaders who only want to veil for their own interests. "I ask workers to promote these changes, to have good leaders and honest union representatives. We do not want corruption," said López Obrador. The president said STPRM leaders still believe that things have not changed in the country. “Those who want to replace Romero Deschamps and other leaders want to get people out for personal gain,” he said. López Obrador explained that it is necessary to promote union democracy to avoid impositions. However, he emphasized this fight belongs to the workers and that the government can only guarantee democratic elections. "We need democracy in the country’s unions and it is the worker who has to ask for that, because we cannot get involved," said López Obrador. Recently, STPRM leaders criticized the retirement of the former director Romero Deschamps because, although it is legal, his retirement income will be very high. However, workers said that after his retirement, Deschamps will be a judge within the union in an effort to recover all the goods that allegedly were stolen. Later, the leaders will seek to reach the corresponding institutions to process them for fraud and fraudulent administration. 

New Penalties for Gas Stations That Do Not Offer Full Liters 

The government will be taking action against gas stations  not dispatching full liters, said President López Obrador. “A gas station that is found stealing, that does not deliver full liters...We are about to make a reform to suspend the concession. The robbery is over. Whoever is found to have a device in the pump will have their concession canceled,” said the president.

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