PEMEX Announces New Upstream Construction Tenders
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PEMEX Announces New Upstream Construction Tenders

Photo by:   Petróleos Mexicanos Twitter
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Conal Quinn By Conal Quinn | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 05/17/2022 - 18:07

PEMEX announced new tenders for upstream construction and maintenance contracts this week, including requests for construction services consisting of installation, maintenance and repairs of interior and exterior protection systems for PEMEX pipelines, as well as further construction at a separation battery. The PEMEX assets involved in the tenders are all located onshore and can be counted among the NOC’s older assets.

The contract will attend to assets at Samaria-Luna, Macuspana-Muspac, Cinco Presidentes and Bellota-Jujo. The press release calling for bids stipulates that the deadline for bid proposals to be placed is May 27. The successful recipient of the tender, which will abide by the NOC’s new SISCeP procedure, will be announced on June 11. 

 PEMEX also tendered a contract for the second stage of construction of electromechanical works at the Tecominoacan separation battery, part of the Bellota-Jujo production asset located in the municipality of Huimanguillo in the state of Tabasco.

According to the published call, the date for the notification of clarifications of doubts to the contracting conditions will be May 24 at 11:00 a.m. Doubts over the contracting conditions will be addressed on May 24, while the bidding process will officially open on June 13. A result will be declared on July 6, announcing the successful applicant. 

Both tenders will follow PEMEX’s new Electronic Contract System (SISCeP), which stipulates that only individuals or legal entities of Mexican nationality, or those from countries with which Mexico has entered into a Free Trade Agreement with provisions on public sector procurement, may participate in the bidding process. SISCeP’s goal is to ensure materials come from domestic sources or are acquired from partner countries. 

In compliance with Presidential Communication-016/06/13/19 dated June 13, 2019, family members of President López Obrador, whether close or distant, are requested to refrain from participating in both tenders, no matter if they participate as direct participants, in joint proposals or as subcontractors.

In 2021, PEMEX announced it would invest US$142.4 to further develop the Samaria oil field, as well as carry out reparations at existing facilities. The NOC hoped to recover 82.31MMb of crude oil and 38.19bcf of natural gas.

Photo by:   Petróleos Mexicanos Twitter

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