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PEMEX Controls Hydrocarbon Leak in Hidalgo

Thu, 09/23/2021 - 17:52

A leak of hydrocarbon materials into the water and drainage system of the town of Tepeapulco, Hidalgo, was identified by PEMEX authorities and remediated this week by Civil Protection personnel. The NOC established a command center in Tepeapulco to fix the leak and to displace the air within the drainage system to avoid the accumulation of gas emissions, according to a report from Criterio Hidalgo. The state of Hidalgo houses multiple strategic PEMEX assets and infrastructure, such as its refinery in Tula. 

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PEMEX Increases Fracking Investment

PEMEX has announced that they will invest almost US$788 million into upstream projects that require hydraulic fracturing, or fracking in2022. This figure represents a 200 percent increase over the budget allocated for these types of projects this year, which hovered above US$262 million. Previously, President López Obrador promised he would not support a large-scale investment on fracking, both during his campaign and throughout his administration. Organizations such as the Mexican Alliance Against Fracking have called for a prohibition on fracking to be codified into Mexican law.

PEMEX Union Calls for Strike

Mexico’s Oil Workers Union (STPRM)’s Section 34 has called for a strike. The workers within the union allege that PEMEX still owes them a response regarding a proposal for increased salary and better benefits as part of the so-called Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2021-2023. In a press release, STPRM blames the NOC for not having made the arrangements for proper negotiations. This led the union to call for a strike in accordance with terms set out in the Federal Labor Law. STPRM furthermore highlights that it does not aim to create a snowball effect because its workers are fully aware of the strategic importance the oil and gas industry has for Mexico.

Communities Block PEMEX Access to Wells

Residents from at least twelve communities from the municipality of Tlalixcoyan in the state of Veracruz blocked access and prevented workers from PEMEX and other contracted companies from entering the premises of sites used for exploration and drilling work. This occurred because the NOC did not keep its paving promise of 45km of highway and other smaller roads. The affected dwells were the Miztli-1 Exp and Sikte-1 Exp, located in the Limoncito community. Residents  are waiting to have a favorable response from PEMEX.

Gas Prices Surpass Caps Once Again

For the eighth consecutive time, gas prices in Mexico are exceeding price caps set by the federal government. Last Saturday, CRE published its list of maximum LP gas prices for the week of September 19 to 25; the list, which purportedly follows federal price caps, registered another price increase in all 32 states. It has been eight weeks since the López Obrador administration decided to intervene in what were deemed “abuses” from the few companies that control the gas market.

The data used in this article was sourced from:  
MBN, Criterio Hidalgo
Photo by:   PEMEX