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PEMEX Union Leaders Pressured to Enhance Working Conditions

By Anamary Olivas | Thu, 06/16/2022 - 19:11

PEMEX’s labor union has filed several complaints regarding lacking equipment and inadequate workplace conditions. Additionally, temporary workers demand to be fully contracted, which would provide them with a greater deal of labor rights protection, as well as an increased labor certainty. President López Obrador called on the union’s leaders to accept this call for regularization and prioritize those that had worked at the NOC the longest.


During a visit to the Minatitlán refinery in Veracruz, López Obrador also addressed the tensions oil workers were under. He emphasized that contracts should not be handed to those that were “recommended” by influential staff to keep the process fair. The President said PEMEX is being rescued through the commitment of its workers and restated his will to provide proper job conditions, where employees could thrive and feel validated.


"We are reaching an agreement with the union leaders, I take this opportunity to exhort them, call them to accept the those with the highest seniority first,” said the president, adding that “seniors working 20 years and more deserve their regularization. Tell PEMEX workers… that their requests are being addressed, so that they receive their equipment and uniforms as they have been requesting. I promise that as soon as possible all the equipment required will be delivered, including uniforms, helmets and anything else that is needed.”


According to Reforma, PEMEX workers affiliated to its labor union reported around 5,000 safety and hygiene hazards, posing serious health risks. During 1Q22, 34 employees were reported to have gotten injured during working hours. The president, colloquially known as AMLO, has stated that an investigation will be carried out to determine if the complaints made by the oil workers are legitimate or a strategy to pressure company. He mentioned that if the allegations were found true, he would make sure they were addressed immediately.


Retaining PEMEX’s experienced workforce is imperative to navigate through the multiple challenges the company is facing regarding, finance, production and reputation. Addressing these worker demands is now a key strategy for PEMEX to remain stable amid the adversity.

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