Pemex´s Second Open Season Takes Aim at Fuel Market Competitiveness

Sun, 07/01/2018 - 09:10

PEMEX transports and distributes almost the entirety of gasoline and diesel volumes inside the country, making it virtually the only possible supplier from which retailers can purchase these products. But this is changing, at least in the northern region, thanks to PEMEX and CRE’s work to create a more level playing field. Both the NOC and the regulatory institution carried out the first Open Season in 2017 for gasoline and diesel in the northern region of the country.

A second Open Season will target the systems of Topolobampo, Juarez, Cadereyta and Frontera Norte. PEMEX will place a portion of the capacity of its 13 pipelines and 16 storage terminals up for grabs to private companies. This second Open Season is expected to increase the number of participants in the country’s fuels market, with the hope of increasing the competitiveness of the participating companies and providing benefits to the public.