Miguel Ojeda
Director General
View from the Top

Playing Local, Thinking Beyond

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 14:37

Q: How do you remain competitive operating in a market filled with big multinationals?

A: We operate as a local company with a smaller infrastructure compared to the multinationals in the market. Multinationals offer the same infrastructure and research bases as in any foreign market, adding costs that make their prices higher. We act as a local entity in the field and our main development is in Mexico, although we have had operations in Guatemala and Colombia. Our core business is chemicals, where we started, and our technical capacity is based in our labs in Reynosa and Villahermosa. We offer competitive prices without compromising quality in our products and services.

Q: How do your tailor-made services add up to profitability for your customers?

A: The fundamental way for a company to evolve is to maintain its vision. Market dynamics can put pressure on companies and force them to move to marginal prices, lowering their quality and risking the aftersales experience. We refrain from engaging in price wars, especially when they force us to reduce our profitability margins just to maintain market share. We have been fortunate that our operations have increased and we are completely transparent in our relationships with our customers.

Q: Which of your projects and products most help to give you an upper hand in the market?

A: We did projects for PEMEX in the Bellota-Jujo fields where we introduced products to clean and improve production, which increased by 20 percent. We have built a brand based on commitment and we have never left a well unfinished or poorly done. Part of our competitive edge is that we are constantly looking for new technologies. For instance, we recently introduced a foam agent that we want to apply in future projects.

Q: What is Proserma’s approach to technology and how do you help your clients create value through that approach?

A: We look for biodegradable products that add value to the opportunities our clients seek. We invest in labs to develop new products and to stay at the forefront of innovation. We also invest in providing maintenance, helping our clients carry out deep cleaning of their equipment and doing shortscale maintenance.