Carlo Garcini
General Manager
Netzsch Pumps & Systems Mexico
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Practical Pumping Solutions for the Long Haul

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 15:50

Q: What have been the critical steps in Netzsch Pumps & Systems timeline in Mexico?

A: Around five years ago, following the Energy Reform, the Netzsch Pumps & Systems division entered Mexico to sell pumping systems directly to the oil and gas industry. We always work with operators and service providers, and in Mexico, our largest clients are Schlumberger and Mexican operator Diavaz. Through these clients and others, Netzsch Pumps & Systems now has over 120 pumps in Mexican oil wells. Around 90 percent of these pumps are installed in the San Luis Potosi and Tampico areas. The company has signed a contract with another Mexican operator, Jaguar E&P, and we are also partnered with Mexican service provider Geoteco, located in Tampico.

Q: How has Netzsch shaped its service offering to supply the Mexican market?

A: We have three new technologies with our pumps, all of which are positive displacement pumps. Where centrifugal pumps are unable to function properly, we plug the gap. A well in which high-viscosity fluids are present is one such example. Therefore, mature fields are sound sources of business for Netzsch and our NEMO Progressing Cavity Pump, a positive-displacement pump with a helical pump design, is particularly useful here. Indeed, the NEMO is our most popular pump in Mexico. For this reason, PEMEX’s project to redevelop over 100 mature wells through IOR and EOR methods is particularly interesting to us. One of the main developments in Netzsch’s artificial lift NEMO range is the ESPCP pump, a progressive cavity pump driven not by a rod but by a motor which is submerged into the bottom of the well. This ESPCP pump allows for the implementation of PCP equipment in deviated or deeper wells. The NEMO Hybrid Pump, on the other hand, is suited to high-temperature extraction where steam or hot water injection is utilized.


Netzsch Pumps & Systems is a company focused on selling pumping systems to various industry. In Mexico, the company entered to service the oil and gas industry following the Energy Reform.