Enrique González Haas
Country President
Schneider Electric Mexico and Central America
View from the Top

Precise Flow Measurements Allow Cost Optimization

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 11:15

Q: How does Schneider Electric’s technological evolution empower you to take on new opportunities in the oil and gas industry?

A: After acquiring Invensys, a company that works with process management and SCADA software development utilized for flow control in hydrocarbon production, we were able to enhance our capabilities by bringing in tools that are useful to determine how much is being extracted from a well at any point in time. Adding products that allow any user to measure the flow of oil or gas at the wellhead in real-time has added a lot of value to Schneider Electric’s product line. We are preparing ourselves for new opportunities and we are certainly looking at new horizons to further our involvement in the industry. Given that bids have been opened for companies to offer their products for the modification of refineries, we know that there will be significant investment in the downstream segment in the near future. I am certain that diesel will be more prominent in the coming years as an alternative to gasoline, given that cars can run much more efficiently on a diesel-based system. Paired with this, the distribution of hydrocarbons and refined products in Mexico is also creating plenty of opportunities for us. Once all of the pipeline projects are developed, companies operating these will need to know precisely the volume of hydrocarbons that is flowing through the pipeline, which is precisely why Schneider Electric is interested in participating in the pipeline projects that are being planned for the coming years. We are looking to work together with companies that are already supplying components within the scope of our services. Through EPCs, we could be contributing 10-20% of the project’s development, which is how Schneider Electric can become an indispensable technology provider. All in all, we believe that 2015 will see many opportunities come our way, and we are preparing to seize them.

Q: How will the company become indispensable for any project involving the transportation of hydrocarbons or its by-products?

A: In the short and medium term, many investments will go to oil and gas production and distribution activities. That gives us room to be involved with remote monitoring and SCADA systems throughout all segments of the industry. Our products can be used on offshore rigs, refining facilities,distribution stations, and pipelines, among others, and we plan to be present in all of these areas. Connectivity will play a key role in the efficiency of future industry operations, and Schneider Electric is able to provide connectivity through the different processes involved in the oil and gas industry. By using cutting-edge technologies to oversee the flow of hydrocarbons and other products through pipelines, our clients can see the precise measurements of the entire flow path from point A to point B. If a given quantity is detected as missing by our solutions, our clients can rely on these results in real-time and take immediate action at any point. Having direct access to this information in a systematic fashion becomes a productive tool that enables decisionmakers to manage the entire timeline of processes.

Q: How will Schneider Electric position itself in the increasingly Mexican midstream market? A: All companies, including us, look to differentiate themselves from the rest. In the case of Schneider Electric, I feel that, apart from our broad scope of technological solutions, our people are what make the difference. By responding to our clients’ demands promptly and effectively while transforming industry challenges with simple and easy-to-use solutions, Schneider Electric will continue to stand out from the pack. Our most important concern is for our engineers and staff to be involved hand-in-hand with our clients in any given project so that we can detect and understand their needs. We strive to interact directly with the end-users of our products because it is through our clients that we are able to see where innovation is needed in our product lines. We will continue to focus on having a highly trained workforce that understands our clients are the most important factor in our success equation. We have had to adjust our strategy to the structural changes following the Energy Reform in order to continue growing at a 10% annual rate. Once the Reform is implemented I believe that Schneider Electric will grow at an even faster rate. Moving forward, another important aspect that must be considered is that processes must be standardized. In the past, PEMEX used to set the modus operandi for the entire industry. However, with the mix of new players, the market will now demand cost-efficient standardization, be it downstream, midstream, or upstream.