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Preparing Personnel for New Operators

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 10:31

Q: What role does Mexico play in the history and global strategy of iPS Powerful People?

A: We started to execute our operations in Mexico eight years ago. Our incursion began due to our belief that Mexico would eventually become an even more prominent player in the international oil and gas industry than it already was, particularly due to the role that it would play in the infrastructure and development of reservoirs, projects, and the general oil and gas offshore industry. As we successfully predicted, the reforms opened doors to new opportunities for Mexico as a country, to its people, and to its oil and gas talent. We see our presence in Mexico as a long-term investment that we express through our educational and training-based activities.

Q: How have you adapted your activities to the current state of the industry?

A: As a financially independent company, it is in our nature to approach industry-wide challenges in the most costefficient and effective way. By listening to our customers, we have been able to provide tailor-made solutions that have saved money without sacrificing quality, services, or the skills of the personnel. Due to our global network and presence, we are well informed of market developments worldwide and pro-actively adapt to these developments.

Q: How has iPS Powerful People’s global strategy evolved in light of the layoffs in the global oil and gas industry?

A: We have been promoting our Mexican candidates to our overseas customers, who have become aware that these people have a certain set of experiences and that, with minimum investment, could be an asset to their organizations or projects. We are additionally working actively with various institutions, such as embassies and branch organizations, locally as well as overseas, in order to be present at seminars and conventions to determine where possibilities may arise for this Mexican workforce.

Q: What innovative solutions have you brought to the human capital market?

A: We use open book administration, by which we mean a transparent way of working and of being clear and open to personnel regarding what they exactly will receive for their work in terms of wages, benefits, and contributions, as well as a guarantee of transparency to clients by showing exactly what they are paying for. There are no hidden agendas throughout this process, as it reflects the way in which iPS has always worked and what has become the key to our sustained success over 28 years. Open administration leads to long relationships.