Problem-solving with Technology Sets Mexican Company Apart
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Problem-solving with Technology Sets Mexican Company Apart

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Hugo Ruelas - Grupo Altavista
Director of Oil and Gas Unit


PEMEX’s production aim has opened the door for further technological involvement across the NOC’s broad portfolio of national wells. For Mexican companies delivering innovative integration solutions to the industry, opportunities are starting to bloom.

Hugo Ruelas, Director of Grupo Altavista’s Oil & Gas Unit, is clear that his company’s desire to continually improve its technological expertise is what sets it out in the Mexican market open to international competition. “We focus on innovation that delivers solutions that generate higher value for our clients. This has allowed the company to maintain a strong and competitive presence in the oil and gas industry,” says Ruelas.

Grupo Altavista already has a strong relationship with PEMEX. The company was given an EPCI contract to automize 393 PEMEX sites for the implementation of SCADA software into 47 PEMEX Refining pipeline transport systems. The project will allow PEMEX’s refining arm to gain live insight into the efficiencies of its system via real-time data visualization and storage. With the geographical diversity that pipelines of the National Refinery System must traverse, the need to remotely access key information points along the system’s length is vital to ensure constant function. The expected increase in refining volumes. The high standards that PEMEX demands mean that working alongside the company are challenging. Yet this keeps the company inspired to enhance its business performance as a whole, from technology to training, says Ruelas. “Working with PEMEX means Grupo Altavista must always push to sharpen its competitive edge through the improvement and continual focus on the technical capabilities of our personnel. As a service provider, and a private investor who shares the highest values and standards of PEMEX, Grupo Altavista strives to be innovative, making use of state-of-the-art technologies to deliver cost-effective solutions for our clients’ most pressing needs.”

Ruelas believes that the administration’s focus on the reinvigoration of PEMEX and the national oil output will undoubtably bring benefits to different sectors across the country. As a fully-Mexican company, he believes that it is Grupo Altavista’s obligation to involve itself in this reinvigoration process. He explains: “The participation of national companies as PEMEX’s strategic associate/service providers is of vital importance to the energy industry in Mexico. This relationship results in operational efficiency and revenue maximization not only in the energy industry, but also as a pillar of technological and economic development, which generates business throughout the country. It also introduces macroeconomic benefits to Mexico and acts like a growth engine that drives other associated sectors. It is therefore vital not only for the oil and gas industry but for Mexican society at large.”

In 2010, Grupo Altavista began monitoring some 1,500 PEMEX wells in the Burgos Basin, an area that stretches across Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas states in north-eastern Mexico. On more mature wells, some of which were drilled decades ago, the integral well tech provided by the company optimizes controls to aid enhanced production and recovery. “The remote monitoring and control systems that Grupo Altavista has developed for clients on the Burgos Basin offer an integral service that guarantees the highest quality of data coming from a well,” Ruelas explains. “Extracted and transmitted data is faithful to the processes and reflects the reality of the wells in real time.”

Data has recently become as valuable as black gold and is growing in importance within the oil and gas industry. It is also at the heart of Grupo Altavista’s service portfolio. Ruelas notes that “Data quality is the foundation on which digital tools are based. AI, machine learning and Big Data, among others, require accurate and quality data to provide a sound service that helps to maintain base production and contributes to the optimization of productive wells.”

But raw data still requires interpretation to be useful, he says. All the data in Mexico offers nothing if it cannot be utilized. “Rather than accumulating mountains of data, the benefit of our service is in making practical sense of that data. Our services give clients a better understanding of their assets so they can make smarter decisions on their investments,” says Ruelas.

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