Adrian Bisiacchi
Director General
KDM Fire Systems
View from the Top

Protecting Core and Side Activities

Tue, 05/08/2018 - 09:44

Q: What is your vision for KDM Fire Systems in the Mexican market?

A: KDM can be considered a specialty EPC with a focus on fire protection systems. Our activities and involvement with our clients starts with a consultation. We then provide basic and detailed engineering, project execution, O&M and commissioning. When I joined the company in November 2017, I introduced a five-year plan that was intended to make a deep change in the company and provide investors with attractive results. Among our objectives is to triple sales by 2022 and increase our bottom line to around 15 points, mainly through inorganic growth. As for this year, we are planning to grow our sales by 19 percent and to increase the bottom line five to six points compared to 2017 values.
Q: What should EPC companies know before starting activities in Mexico’s oil and gas market?

A: Companies should get to know the Mexican and international norms before thinking about the development of any project. As our local regulatory structure becomes more strict, new norms are important design criteria that, if not taken into proper consideration before starting a project, can rapidly increase times and costs and even make them unviable. One simple example is the spacing between tanks in fuel storage terminals. If wrongly designed and placed too close to each other for space-saving purposes, the tanks will need to be cooled in case of a fire and will use four to six times more water than usual when transported. A higher volume of water means bigger pipes and pumps. Furthermore, Mexico has no local regulators to certify pumps for fire applications. All of these elements can double or even triple the cost of fire protection in a project. Fortunately for our customers, we can provide an integral solution for their core activities as well as their support tasks.

Q: How can the design of a fire protection system change the viability of a project in fuel storage terminals?

A: The market is offering a great number of opportunities to implement fire and security solutions for fuel storage/ transfer facilities. Nevertheless, the opening has been so recent that projects have not yet been able to materialize and are just finishing the initial phases that include