Hempel Arturo Flores
Mexico, Central America & Caribbean Sales Director
View from the Top

Protecting the Industry's Investment

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 12:48

Q: What is the role of Hempel in Mexico’s oil and gas industry, and how do you plan to grow in the market?

A: Our customer base extends throughout the entire value chain and Hempel products are available for each industry segment. In fact, one of our main achievements so far has been the securing an 85% market share in the platform coating sector. We offer added value, such as long-term anti-corrosive protection, reduced maintenance costs, ecologically responsible and versatile products, and effective communication. We have become renowned in the Mexican market through our painting of the country’s two biggest platforms, in collaboration with the Spanish yard fabricator, Dragados Offshore. This capability, along with our established global expertise, will allow us to grow and work with international companies entering the market.

Q: What specific capabilities and skills differentiate you from your competitors?

A: Hempel differentiates itself by heavy R&D investment. We are opening new development and technology centers on top of the existing 11. Our latest acquisition, Jones Blair, is working on the development of fast-drying primary epoxy-rich zinc that allows for the application of one coat in just one day. The use of fast-drying and high-gloss polyurethane and polysiloxane finishing technologies leads to reduced waste and downtime, and to an extension in the asset’s lifetime. Our Hempaguard silicon technology for the marine sector won an award in 2014 for the best technological product in the world, and it helps to avoid inlay, increment speed, and reduce fuel consumption by up to 8% for vessels. This translates into economic savings and reduced emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. In two years, we have painted over 350 vessels with this coating at an international level. We have had a few applications of Hempaguard in Campeche and in the Pacific region, and I believe this product has already started to be successful in Mexico.

Q: What offerings will allow Hempel to work with service companies in Mexico’s challenging deepwater areas?

A: We are developing technologies with our alliances at a global level for equipment that can sustain extreme depths, which poses specific ultra-high pressure and ultra- high temperature challenges. We have also tightened our relations with Subsea Companies that build robots, flowlines Christmas trees and manifolds. One of the vanguard products that we have is one that offers atmospheric protection for the parts of the infrastructure that is not immersed in water, known as the tidal and surf area including the drilling equipment. This product offers not only anti-corrosive protection, but also cathodic protection and isolating materials so that the fluid can flow despite the very low temperature. The smallest thermal shock could cause the pipeline to rupture. At these depths, pumps also need to be included so that the crude can cool down upon contact with water when it is drilled.

Q: How is Hempel responding to the decrease in oil price, and how do you plan to work with PEMEX?

A: The oil price decrease has led to significant constraints in the industry, particularly for PEMEX, one of our main clients. We work with the NOC to find the best solution in terms of warranty, duration, and performance, carrying out a cost analysis per year and per square foot. Paint is crucial, and only represents 5-6% of the project’s total cost, a small weight in the decision-making process. This investmentshouldlast30years,includingthepipelines. Hempel offers some middle priced coatings that have been tested on other projects, and would represent a solid technological and economical alternative. By contracting us, the NOC will be working with a reliable and trustworthy service provider, with proper capabilities in technology and technique. Rather than focusing on the price per liter, PEMEX should use a long-term, cost- benefit analysis. We also provide the after service, which is a key advantage that local companies cannot provide, and allows PEMEX to receive global expertise, supplied locally.