Arturo Flores
Mexico, Central America and Caribbean Sales Director
View from the Top

Protective Coatings for the Entire Value Chain

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 14:26

Q: As a company that invests heavily in R&D, what new product lines are you introducing to the market?

A: We have introduced Avantguard, a product line designed for more aggressive environments where maintenance costs can be significant. This development prolongs anticorrosive galvanic protection. We developed this technology with continuous improvement in mind. One of our comparative advantages is that our product lines are not solely aimed at the Mexican market since the reform will bring new global players into the mix. We are working with them, conducting experimental tests and engineering schemes. They have noticed Hempel’s technological trends and discoveries.

We have worked with Europe’s main oil operators and drillers in aggressive environments and conditions, such as the North Sea, with fast-paced cyclic temperatures that accelerate hazardous facility corrosion. We are also working with the University of Copenhagen to design and develop new products and technologies. We incorporate the most promising ones into our R&D department for further development. Companies that are open to these kinds of ventures, guaranteeing a space for research and imagination, designing tailor-made business plans for a client’s specific requirements regardless of the company’s size, are the ones meant to succeed.

Q: How does Hempel go beyond being a supplier to truly impacting its clients’ strategies?

A: We want to be considered a strategic partner in terms of services and consultancy before, during and after application. We also focus on working with different paint schemes and propose technological alternatives when required. In some cases, we have to provide solutions to groups of global directors or segment managers who assist us with references or opportunities that have worked in other markets.

Q: How can Hempel assist in renovating and expanding the country’s existing midstream and downstream infrastructure?

A: We have developed a user-friendly digital app called Trusted Asset Protection Survey (TAPS). It works as an electronic survey that monitors facilities as a whole, detecting maintenance, repair or replacement priorities and generating proven recommendations that have a one to five grading scale for risk level. We are providing this app to plant operators and managers. We have also developed a paint color-range app that allows users to scan a bucket bar code and download the paint’s technical sheet in various languages. Another digital development we launched is the MyHempel B2B platform for clients that prefer using the internet for the majority of tasks like security sheets, invoices, shipment tracking and inventory. At the moment only three companies located in Jamaica, Panama and Guadalajara use this platform but it can be rolled out to the rest of our clients.

Q: What can Hempel offer the upstream market?

A: For the upstream sector, we are focusing on construction. In the last 10 years, we have demonstrated that our systems are top performers globally. Our experience in painting platforms spans 50 years. Regarding maintenance, PEMEX is engaged in a slowpaced investment attraction process. It is looking for energy partners to inject the necessary capital. At the moment, Mexico’s maintenance project for PEMEX’s oil platforms is stalled. Drilling is also stalled. Many companies had to leave and we are waiting for their return. Some of our main partners in the US — Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Halliburton — are drilling offshore and sending us maintenance purchase orders.

Q: What are Hempel’s priorities going forward?

A: Our priorities lie in supplier trust and credibility. If we generate and demonstrate a cutting-edge technological development, showcase a credible company in relation to raw materials, user-friendly products and industry innovation, we can attain a larger market share with the newcomers that know our brand.