Sergio Garza
Director of Business Development and Operation Coordinator for Mexico Business Assurance
Lloyd’s Register
hugo sanchez
Hugo Sánchez
Business Development Manager for Latin America Energy & Drilling
Lloyd’s Register
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Providing Global Solutions to Local Regulations

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 18:05

Q: What oil and gas services does Lloyd’s Register offer in Mexico?

HS: Our services in Mexico focus on specific areas across the supply chain, including drilling, regulation, compliance, offshore and onshore. We deploy our services throughout the different phases of a project, such as design, construction and operation. Lloyd’s Register has the capabilities to work across the entire life cycle of an operation. 

SG: In Mexico, we add value by bringing high-level talent and know-how to players that are still establishing themselves in the national industry. Operators come to us for drilling, planning, design and finishing of wells. We are a project management company and our experts specialize in engineering and delivery processes. With the creation of ASEA and other regulatory agencies, companies need to comply with local regulations. Our company provides legal expertise regarding Mexican laws. 

Q: What role does Lloyd’s Register play in relation to ASEA, CNH or PEMEX?

SG: With regards to CNH, we offer operators the required certifications for their well designs. We provide a complete service by gathering all the necessary documents until the perforation plan is approved by ASEA. In regards to ASEA, we rely on the expertise of qualified personnel who are authorized to provide recommendations. Once a well has been identified, it must be evaluated. CNH has authorized Lloyd’s Register to provide these types of certificates. We also issue technical rulings throughout the various phases of an oil and gas project. This gives us a strong and comprehensive presence within ASEA’s regulatory system. 

HS: It is also worth mentioning that the Navy has granted us the faculty to carry out statutory inspections of Mexican mobile offshore units and to grant certificates. 

Q: How does Lloyd’s Register streamline certification processes and guarantee delivery?  

SG: Our delivery processes are divided into several stages. In each stage, we involve personnel from Mexico and from other parts of the world. The team of international experts at Lloyd’s Register can only be effective if coupled with local experts who are thoroughly-versed in local regulations. Our team in Mexico is well aware and up to date concerning the country’s legal framework. 

HS: Mexico incorporates regulations for offshore wells that are based on international standards. Because we have ample international experience, we are able to quickly understand how these regulations are related to the Mexican legal framework. Companies like Shell, Chevron and Repsol and governments around the world come to us because of our proven track record of excellence.

Q: What is your assessment of the risk landscape in Mexico after the arrival of the new administration?

HS: The risk concerns of industry stakeholders stem from the current president’s policies. Despite these concerns, past contracts are considered a source of certainty and Mexico’s government is committed to honoring past contracts. Projects, meanwhile, are developing as they were planned. There are also new projects in the pipeline. As a company, we are well-established in Mexico and have had no setbacks during the current administration. Business between the government and the private sector is continuing as usual. 

SG: ASEA and CNH are undergoing a restructuring. Today, we are re-connecting with government stakeholders to pursue a sustained dialogue. We provide our clients information about Mexico’s regulations, and we often need to define what they need because they are not established in the country yet. This implies a great deal of responsibility. But we are in the business of minimizing risk for our clients, so we absorb the risks involved in the process. Our goal is to provide our client with as much certainty as possible. We accomplish this by navigating the ups and downs of the economy.


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