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Country Manager
Pietro Fiorentini
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Providing Services Through Supply Chain Control

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 17:32

Q: How do you present to your clients a portfolio refocused on services rather than products?

A: Pietro Fiorentini has had and continues to have a long operational adaptability tradition. Under the current Mexican oil and gas environment, our clients, including PEP and new operators, prefer lower CAPEX. We believe that we have a good starting point because Pietro Fiorentini is an established market leader in Mexico for multiphase metering services. Pietro Fiorentini patents, develops, manufactures and commercializes best-in-class multiphase flow meters (MPFM), controlling the entire supply chain from R&D to delivery and installation to service and operation. Pietro Fiorentini’s operational adaptability and control of the entire supply chain allows us to commercialize our best-in-class MPFMs in several ways, including direct sale, direct sale with on-the-ground operating and services agreement, or multiphase well metering services performed by our trained operators at our client’s well sites. We can offer and we guarantee a service under our total responsibility for the use of our product.

Q: What role does your Villahermosa plant play in this transition?

A: From our facility in Villahermosa, Tabasco, we operate, maintain and calibrate our own MPFMs of different sizes and configurations. Pietro Fiorentini provides multiphase well services with best-in-class equipment and personnel who are factory and field trained and have all certifications and permits required to work in onshore fields and offshore platforms. We are not expecting to invest in developing local production capabilities in Mexico but to increase the size of our technical team.

Q: How will you take advantage of the coming investments in Mexico’s downstream sector?

A: In Mexico, we began by establishing ourselves in the upstream sector because of the opportunities we were able to take advantage of there, but Pietro Fiorentini, since its foundation in 1938, is a world leader in the development and commercialization of product and services in the midstream sector, specifically in the market for the transmission and distribution of natural gas. Natural gas distribution is becoming more and more strategic in Mexico, given its growing use in power generation. Over the last five years, Pietro Fiorentini supplied several metering and regulation skids and gas conditioning units to several contractors in Mexico who developed major natural gas transmission pipelines and combined cycle power plants. We are well positioned to service these sectors going forward. We believe we can extend the applications of our services and technologies into the downstream sector, given their integration into one general push for infrastructural development. One of the ways in which we will do this is by promoting the role that our technologies play in the digitalization and data management development of all this infrastructure, an area in which Pietro Fiorentini is a global leader given our prominent participation in the development of European smart grids. Since we control our supply chain, we can identify the points within it in which products can be adapted to the needs of the Mexican market.

Q: What would you define as the most important factors that will help Pietro Fiorentini succeed in Mexico?

A: The most important factors that will help Pietro Fiorentini succeed in Mexico include the capability of offering best in-class products, services and personnel, the operational adaptability, the ability of maintaining the full control of the supply chain, the clear focus on the importance of the customer centricity by offering value propositions to our clients, consistently and professionally. It is clear to us that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador intends to make PEMEX strong again by investing more funds in the company. In that sense, Pietro Fiorentini can retain its previous strategy of prioritizing this type of activity in our Mexican presence since it is aligned with these new incentives.


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