Jerzy Sasiada
Managing Director Mexico
Williams Scotsman
View from the Top

Putting Service Quality to the Front of the Line

Thu, 05/03/2018 - 16:34

Q: How significant is the oil and gas industry to your Mexico operations and what makes you the partner of choice?

A: We offer multitask services for a range of industries. Looking closely at the development of the Mexican economy in recent years, the oil and gas industry increased its economic participation in the market and this allows us to foresee new opportunities for Williams Scotsman. In the past, this specific industry represented approximately 40 percent of our business in the country. However, as the industry keeps moving forward, we expect that percentage to thrive.

As part of a multinational company that has stand out for the excellent service provided to customers throughout different industries and countries, we focalized our operation to the Mexican market with specialized services, quality products and an excellent value proposition emphasizing customer satisfaction by identifying specific needs. This gave us the opportunity to become a primary partner of choice in Mexico.

Q: How has your external service platform contributed to the company’s operability? A: Our customer’s feedback is the best way to improve our current services. This was the main reason to explore new alternatives in order to deliver the best products in the market. Proven the company’s international experience and taking some of the best practices, we started this platform based on giving an unbiased voice that allow our customers to submit their comments and recommendations directly with no intermediaries. The platform works with aftersales surveys and daily reports that assess business performance according to the results and provides pool of recommendations we implement at a later stage. The platform’s success has been reflected even in terms of human resources as we have been the only company in the industry recognized as a Great Place to Work.

Q: What are some of the most common challenges that your customers tend to overlook?

A: The budget is always a factor, and we must adapt to client needs while staying economical. We believe that our customers highly appreciate our clarity at the moment of offering our products as we are defined by high quality standards. Occasionally, budget adjustments required quality reductions that we cannot offer. Nevertheless we are always able to provide different solutions within our product portfolio that balance this cost effectiveness without compromising quality.

Regardless of any situation in which these adjustments are required, we aim to provide the best service, keeping in mind that our customers have their own operation and staff. Therefore, the conditions for the people should be adequate according to the locations where they are working, spending time, and resting. Williams Scotsman watches every detail to create a productive environment and comfortable facilities. Part of our service is to tailor solutions to the customers by helping them locate their most pressing needs and clarify the best alternatives for them.

Q: How have the oil and gas industry’s changes transformed your customers’ requirements?

A: As the demands of oil and gas have evolved, the industry is boosting into new and specific demands, which have pushed our customers to integrate a wider range of services and become increasingly dynamic. Requirements are migrating into a sort of hospitality service in each location, whether it is onshore or offshore. Each company looks to integrate their alliances to serve the ultimate client, which is PEMEX.

Q: How do you see the company evolving in Mexico?

A: We want to maintain the trust that our current customers have in our services and create new alliances with potential customers by delivering a cost-effective solution in the least time possible.