Carlos David Pale Hernandez
Director General
Spifil México
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Quality Filtering Systems Begin with Processes

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 14:57

Q: How has Spifil evolved as a manufacturer of filtering products?

A: We entered this market about 25 years ago by manufacturing a washable stainless steel filter, which then led to us enter the turbine and gas filter market. During this time, we studied all the filtering products that were being commercialized, enabling us to identify the best designs and materials we could use to meet customer expectations. Even though Spifil is the only provider of specialized filtering solutions for the oil industry in Mexico, our learning experience is far from over. Our employees are constantly looking for the most sophisticated materials because these are where advances in technology often stem from. Most of the raw materials we use in our products are imported from the US and then processed by highly skilled Mexican hands in our facilities. In order to ensure that we are supplying the best products, we first make sure that our processes are the best. A determining factor in the proper elaboration of specialized filtering products is the machinery used to assemble their numerous components.

Q: What differentiates Spifil from the other companies that are supplying the Mexican oil and gas industry?

A: We are the only company delivering a full range of filtering solutions for all types of applications, and that includes liquid gas. However, what truly makes our company unique is our response time, since other producers regularly take far longer to replace filtration systems. Spifil is proud of our ability to have new filters up and running in less than 72 hours. Keeping a large stock of specialized materials allows us to develop tailor-made solutions and maintain this fast response time. Product availability is a huge strength of ours and has helped us to build the reputation we enjoy today. We have worked very hard over the years to position our brand as the leader in Mexico. I would even say that, thanks to Spifil’s efforts, Mexico has kept up with the rest of the world in terms of the filtering solutions it produces. Our technology, combined with a deep understanding of how filtration systems should perform in this extractive industry, provides an added value few suppliers can deliver. So far, we have 14 offices in Mexico, allowing us to satisfy the needs of the markets and of our customers at all times.

Q: What have been the most iconic projects the company has been involved in?

A: Spifil began by attending the petrochemical sector, providing our products and services to the Cangrejera, Pajaritos, and Morelos facilities. The company’s products have been chosen by PEMEX for its six refineries in the country, where we now provide assistance at any time of day throughout the entire year. Alongside PEMEX’s refineries, we also attend its petrochemical division, where we take care of the gas processing facilities in the country. In addition, our products have been consistently installed in the turbines mounted on marine platforms to support PEMEX’s exploration and production activities. We are a company that is positioned to provide any filtration solution that PEMEX could ever need. Spifil also sells products to private companies that provide maintenance services to PEMEX. These contractors have sought us out because we are well-known in the market for our response times. This is a determining factor in the extractive industries because a couple of hours of unproductivity can represent losses of millions of dollars. We cover the Mexican territory from the Burgos basin in Tamaulipas to Ciudad del Carmen in Campeche. We currently have over 150 people working for Spifil, most of them near where oil and gas activities take place. Despite the decrease in PEMEX’s purchasing power, our products are so inherent to its operations that our sales have not yet been truly impacted. Since filtration systems are vital to the functioning of its processes, PEMEX cannot afford to reduce its expenditure in this area.

Q: How does your experience in other markets support your development in Mexico?

A: We are expanding our operations into South America where Spifil is already present in Peru and Colombia. We also believe that Spifil is ready to serve the companies that will enter Mexico thanks to our experiences of working within the US. The way in which the American oil and gas industry works is very different from the Mexican situation since the government did not create a monopoly situation in the sector; instead, a real proliferation of companies took place. In light of this, Spifil is ready and eagerly waiting for the entrance of new exploration and production companies in Mexico, since we know that our technology and expertise will be a perfect match for them.