Eurípides Romero
Director General
Inelectra Mexico
View from the Top

Regional Expertise Delivers First-Rate EPC

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 17:36

Q: What are Inelectra’s main projects in Mexico?

A: Inelectra is working on four fuel storage projects and has already made proposals for at least seven more. The company is providing detailed engineering for McDermott on a project in Tuxpan. We are also working with Vopak, supplying FEED engineering right up to the point of cost estimation. 
We have projects with two separate private clients on two large terminals in Tuxpan and Hidalgo that will handle 4MMb. At the moment, we are working on the design of the FEED process, including the permitting from CRE and ASEA. 

Q: What have been the company’s landmark projects since its arrival to Mexico in 2003?

A: Inelectra provides EPC services across the energy sector. In Mexico, one of the company’s standout projects is the Manzanillo cogeneration power plant we were contracted for by CFE in consortium with Cobra and completed in 2010. This was a 1.4GW power generation plant. We signed a contract to develop the entire engineering scope. The experience the company gained from this project was enormous and allowed us to consolidate our name here as a company that can deliver quality engineering.
Q: How does Inelectra use its relationship with PEMEX and its regional knowledge to be competitive in Mexico? 

A: Our work with PEMEX, which includes our EPC project for living quarters on Ku-Maloob-Zaap platforms, allows us to understand the work of the company in a way that others do not have. But the nature of the open bidding process means that much of this relationship has changed and the competition is now more equal.
As a Venezuelan company, Inelectra was able to build its reputation and to work during the expansion of the oil and gas industry, which allowed the company to gain experience working on large-scale construction projects with national and foreign companies. Due to our regional location, Inelectra can offer exceptional competitive rates to its Mexican customers. Clients want efficiency in the engineering production process and, of course, lower costs. 

Q: What is the Mexican market’s impact within Inelectra’s global aims and what are the main areas of opportunity for the company?

A: Inelectra is putting Mexico at the forefront of the company’s global targets. We believe that the development stage of the Mexican market provides the company an opportunity to make strides in its growth here. The first phase of the new Dos Bocas refinery project is especially interesting. 
The midstream will be Inelectra’s main focus of activity in the next few years. In other countries, we have focused primarily on EPC contracts and this will not change in Mexico; our engineering services will be the skills that we deliver to the market for the short term. We are looking for opportunities to partner with larger companies on EPC contracts in which we can participate, bringing our experience and expertise.
Q: How is Inelectra meeting the changing environmental and safety standards in Mexico?

A: Inelectra has been focused on understanding the legislation surrounding environmental and security standards in Mexico. For us, the NOM-006 legislation, which was issued in 2017 and pertains to the safety of construction sites, is particularly important.

Inelectra is a major Latin American engineering and construction company headquartered in Caracas. Founded in 1968, Inelectra delivers EPC and technical solutions to national and private companies across the global energy sector.