Claudio de la Cerda
Technology Director and PetroTechnical Services VP
Schlumberger Mexico and Central America

Regional Technology Center

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 11:21

Schlumberger has created Regional Technology Centers (RTCs) in several locations around the world, including Mexico, with the objective of supporting key growth strategies. These RTCs are tasked with providing technical answers to the main customer needs of the region through the application of multi-domain petrotechnical expertise and technological understanding. “Designed to be the field representation of the company’s R&D efforts, the RTCs maintain strong ties to the global Schlumberger Research and Engineering centers,” explains Claudio de la Cerda, Technology Director and PetroTechnical Services VP of Schlumberger Mexico and Central America. Additionally, the RTCs act as a key conduit for input to R&D briefs from E&P customers in their geographic regions, providing support for regional technology observations, and creating strong visibility within university partners, professional societies and the Schlumberger Technical Community. The RTCs are instrumental in nurturing innovation and developing and integrating cross-product line technologies to address the needs of Schlumberger’s customers. Three business segments – reservoir characterization, drilling, and production – are involved through domain experts. These supervise technological applications across the board, including seismic acquisition and processing, drilling and completion, formation evaluation, cementing, stimulation, and integrated field development planning and execution. “We face several challenges in Mexico and the RTC is the point of coordination between the 15 different Schlumberger product lines for some key themes, including heavy oil, shale gas, deepwater, fractured carbonates and EOR,” says de la Cerda. The Mexican technology center is aligned with Schlumberger’s core strengths: quality execution, leadership positioning in technology, highly trained geoscientists and engineers, and the ability to integrate across multiple disciplines. Through this combination of forces, the company’s focus is to add value to the operations of its E&P customers by supporting their need to add reserves, increase production, and reduce operating costs. In addition to Schlumberger’s historical collaboration with PEMEX, the company also stresses its local presence by participating in several R&D projects through the CONACYT-SENER Hydrocarbon Fund.