Reliable Data Management for Oil Players of All Sizes

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 11:26

It is Petrolink’s extensive experience working with IOCs and service companies alike that allows it to understand their data management needs. However, Carlos Palavicini, General Manager Mexico of Petrolink, explains that the uses these companies have for such data vary so widely that there can be no blueprint. In fact, Petrolink has had to develop the ability to provide technological solutions that suit each oil and gas client’s specific requirements. “We can guarantee any operator that the data it receives, even when generated at the well site by a third party, reflects what is occurring in the well so that operators can take informed decisions.” Petrolink has also pre-empted the plethora of technologies in use as it is capable of analyzing data from any formats used in the marketplace, either by service companies or operators themselves. “Petrolink knows how to customize its products for national operators like PEMEX which demand tailored solutions. But while PEMEX is Petrolink’s largest client in Mexico, we provide solutions to service companies as well,” says Palavicini. For service companies, for example, Petrolink monitors wells round the clock and its technology creates internal data quality flags, which are based on alarms installed at the well. Any alert will instantly be brought to the attention of executives, complete with logs and a well schematic display. For NOCs like PEMEX, requirements are a bit more complex, given the amount of technology in the well and the reams of data being produced. Therefore, Petrolink specialists work in Real-Time Operation Centers to complement PEMEX’s operations and to allow clients to optimize their drilling. The company’s Digital Well File monitors each and every well, maps it, and compiles the information into a database, which is maintained in real-time. Such quick data allows clients to monitor activities and view performance measurements that can be compared from well to well.

Petrolink’s capabilities in data management can be corroborated by its international client base. “In Brazil, Petrobras is working in partnership to operate certain blocks and Petrolink provides the information exchange platform to share data among the different partners. We want to offer such experiences to PEMEX, its partners, and any operators forming alliances in Mexico,” Palavicini asserts.