Risk-Reduction Remade with Beicip Franlab’s DionisosFlow Software
Spotlight - Mon, 09/21/2020 - 12:04

Risk-Reduction Remade with Beicip Franlab’s DionisosFlow Software

The new oil environment requires rigorous software for enhanced risk assessment, reservoir characterization and stratigraphic modeling. It’s all here.
Peter Appleby By Peter Appleby | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 09/21/2020 - 12:04
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The world is rapidly changing and so is the oil and gas industry. With the burgeoning digital transformation that is taking place across all industries – even the traditionally late-adopting global oil market – essential services software must become even more robust. With its 2020 OpenFlow Suite, Beicip Franlab has taken strides forward in reservoir characterization and stratigraphic modeling.

Beicip Franlab has updated and upgraded its industry-leading E&P software solutions package to meet 2020’s market needs. The pioneering technology-led solutions that the company has brought to the market for the past 15 years include improvements over last year’s OpenFlow Suite iteration. These include enhanced functionalities that increase the efficiency of time and performance in the model building and post-processing stages of a client’s project. The suite offers a comprehensive range of reservoir-analysis and system modeling options, from reservoir simulation AHM and uncertainties to basin modeling, from seismic and geological reservoir characterization to modeling and production optimization of naturally or stimulated fractured reservoirs.

DionisosFlow stands out among the improvements made this year related to the advanced stratigraphic modeling solution, integrating important improvements for risk analysis with CougarFlow.

Oil exploration requires companies to take financial and procedural risks. On average, one in every four offshore wells drilled is developed successfully. Yet for Beicip Franlab, this risk is not unavoidable. DionisosFlow is the world’s only commercially available solution for 4D forward stratigraphic modeling and helps to reduce to a minimum risk that companies must face during exploration.

4D forward stratigraphic modeling offers opportunities to companies that the traditional geological modeling world could not. It is a physics-based modeling approach that offers versatility for resolution and sedimentary environments and introduces the process of deposition.

Nevertheless, DionisosFlow goes that extra mile. It helps users delimit geometry and facies of reservoir bodies, the distribution and nature of rock sources, as well as generating a geo-history of sedimentary basin development. This unique software platform is able to better quantify sedimentary architecture for both siliciclastic and carbonate environments from fluvial to deep offshore environments across the exploration and appraisal scales. Other important functionalities include evaporitic modeling, carbonate production laws and eustasy variation definition, all managed within a user-friendly interface.

The successes of DionisosFlow has already been validated in different regions of the world, including the Gulf of Mexico salt-driven tectonics province, the Middle-East Cretaceous carbonate platform and the Niger Delta turbiditic system.

DionisosFlow’s specific characteristics are supported by CougarFlow, another Beicip Franlab software platform. The 2020 version of CougarFlow includes improvements that were made with the explicit intention to integrate the exploration benefits of DionisosFlow. Rather than help modeling, CougarFlow redefines risk-prediction capacities. Among its many valuable features, Cougarflow can also provide detailed insights on risk along the stratigraphic column of a pseudo-well and assesses uncertainties and P10, P50, and P90 probabilities in risk analysis models. In the 2020 version, CougarFlow has been simplified so that parameters are clear and the benefits greater. When used side-by-side, these two industry-leading software platforms help de-risk modeling and overall exploration activities, generating more accurate and faster workflows for all users.

Beicip Franlab’s 2020 OpenFlow Suite is the best version yet. The high-resolution sequence stratigraphy that DionisosFlow delivers is a key component to successful reservoir characterization and risk reduction during exploration. DionisosFlow and CougarFlow solution complete a comprehensive risk-analysis software based in forward stratigraphic modeling workflows that exploration companies can believe in.

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