Rotating Reliability

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 11:49

Schlumberger is placing significant efforts on improving drilling efficiencies, for which it has developed cuttingedge technology. The PowerDrive Archer RSS combines the benefits of a motor and RSS in a single tool, which delivers complex 3D well profiles while maintaining high ROP and wellbore quality. This fully-rotating system is the only RSS that builds high angles from any deviation in one run, increasing hydrocarbon production potential and reducing risk.

The PowerDrive Archer RSS assures operators that wells can be drilled with increased dogleg capability, which gives control in unconsolidated formations and punches through hard stringers. The directional open-hole sidetracking decreases rig time on multilateral wells, while the deep kick-off points enable reduction of inclination in unstable formations, as well as a reduction of footage to the reservoir.

The solution’s accurate and precise control allows it to land the well trajectory in the reservoir’s sweet spot and extend the horizontal to total depth. It can also maintain verticality at greater depths due to its higher build rate capabilities. In horizontal sections, the system can drill through hard, interbedded formations at high angles of incidence. High-quality wellbores produced by the high build rate RSS offer reduced friction and tortuosity, allowing a considerable weight transfer to the bit for increased rate of penetration. The PowerDrive Archer RSS can extend the distance to which horizontal sections are drilled, facilitating running casing and performing intelligent completions. The PowerDrive Archer RSS’ hybrid steering system has demonstrated reliability due to the fact that its moving components are internal and are not exposed to harsh environments. This hybrid system has internal pads that push against an articulated sleeve pivoted on a universal joint to point the bit in the desired direction. The system also enables openhole side-tracking at any point in the well because of reduced dependence on wellbore contact.

The fact that all the external components have rotating qualities improves penetration rates, borehole quality, and hole cleaning, while reducing the risk of mechanical or differential sticking. The geostationary electronics package, which relies on the PowerDrive X6 RSS control system, rotates a control valve to divert a small percentage of the drilling fluid to energize the internal pads. The latter then pushes against the insider of the steering sleeve, which subsequently pivots on the universal joint to point the bit in the desired direction. Through this unique mechanism, PowerDrive Archer RSS is able to deliver high dogleg severities of up to 18°/100ft. In addition, these traits allow the system to perform fast, reliable open-hole sidetracks in any direction, without the need for a cement plug.