Óscar Valdez
General Manager
View from the Top

Safety Systems to Protect Personnel

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 17:58

Q: What services does ROS provide the Mexican market and what have been the company’s recent standout projects?

A: Reliable On/Offshore Solutions offers well completion services in the US, but this is not our core business in Mexico, where we are focused on hydraulics, security, safety and fire systems on both onshore and offshore platforms. We also provide telecommunications services. Rather than providing single and separate solutions, ROS delivers a full itinerary of services in a manageable, intelligent and integrated offering. One of the most important contracts we have worked on in the last year was the redevelopment of the Public Address General Alarm (PAGA) system for the Mexican market. Together with American company Federal Signal, we revamped the system to improve its wireless capabilities. This has proved a superb innovation and will be installed in the process center on PEMEX’s Abkatun development. The Abkatun-Alfa platform has twice had fires resulting in deaths, so we are delighted that our system will help ensure the safety of workers onboard. This work is due to begin in December 2019.

In our experience, around 30 percent of the injuries that result from fire onboard a platform are due to workers not knowing where the fire is happening. Unfortunately, this means that workers may run toward the area of danger, putting their lives at risk. Our system can pinpoint and announce, via the speaker system, the location of the danger, allowing the workers onboard to move away. We also are delivering an administration automation service that overcomes the problems related to delays that are frequently generated by the disconnection between a company’s operation center, for example at the drilling site, and the administration center, which is often located elsewhere. We help facilitate communication between both parties so that the process of work can be rolled out smoothly.

As part of our compliance with ISO 27001, ROS provides enhanced security measures for our data services. Our software also features open protocols, meaning that ROS equipment can interoperate with legacy equipment or that of other operators without the need for translation between systems. Our technology partnership with Chinese tech giant Huawei means we can offer a household name that is trusted by our clients in the industry.

Q: How does ROS differentiate itself from other national companies new to the Mexican market?

A: As a Mexican company, one of our strengths is the human capital we provide. The skills of our personnel within the national market are vast and provide clear benefits to our clients. Similarly, we have a direct relationship with national manufacturers, which guarantees the best prices for the products we are designing and delivering. Our logistics network is spread across both onshore and offshore, allowing us to provide a fully-comprehensive transport system.

Q: What are the different challenges the company faces working in onshore and offshore environments?

A: Moving offshore systems onshore tends to be easier than moving onshore systems offshore. This is because an old paradigm still exists whereby the frequency used by the system’s Wi-Fi could affect the mechanisms used on process centers offshore. We have new technology that allows us to navigate between frequencies so that our systems do not impact the working processes of the platforms or centers in which they work.

Similarly, at well sites there is a common issue with dust and grime causing problems with equipment. At these sites, companies are not permitted to have 100 percent wireless communications for reasons of security. As a result, we need to also install a wired connection as a fail-safe.

Reliable On/Offshore Solutions (ROS) is a Mexican company that provides a variety of services for operators. These include well completion services and the design, fabrication and installation of fire, electronic communication and hydraulics systems.